How to Complete Open the Gates Fun Park MK Challenge in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trails was released in its early access a few days back, and players have dived into the game to explore the scary and thrilling gameplay. The Outlast series is one of the most popular survival psychological horror game series, and the previous two installments have received considerable popularity worldwide. So, players have been expecting a lot from the new one. The game has several trials to complete, and the Open the Gates Fun Park MK Challenge is one of them. If you get stuck while doing it, this guide will help you.

Guide to Complete ‘Open the Gates Fun Park MK Trial’ in The Outlast Trials- How to Do?

If you are excited about the Trials in The Outlast Trials, let me tell you these are thrilling but challenging. Players must face enemies that are troublesome to defeat while completing their tasks at the same time. Opening Gates at the Fun Park is part of Program 2 in the game, where the main objective is to find and put four disobedient children into the grinder. We have covered the process so that you can go through the following guide for more information- How to Complete the Punish the Miscreants MK Fun Park Challenge in The Outlast Trials.

If you are looking for some help opening the gates in the Fun Park and reaching the Exit, we will help you with the process. This objective has one main thing to do: open the gates so you can’t be imprisoned inside the Park. There are four Electrical gates to open, and if you know how to open them, they will be easier to deal with.

You must make your way to the barn, where there’s a Grinder. The way to the barn is not complicated but dark, though it is an advantage for players as they can sneak inside. Once inside the barn, you must find the board saying ‘Follow Wires.’ You will see several cables going in different directions.

Guide to Complete ‘Open the Gates Fun Park MK Trial’ in The Outlast Trials- How to Do

Your objective is to follow these wires one by one and reach the fuse boxes where these wires are connected. Cut them from the fuse box. Once you disconnect all the wires from the fuse box, the four gates at the four ends of the Park will be opened. Next, go to the Merry-go-round, and you will find the exit gate to call your Shuttle. However, this process won’t be as simple as it seems. There will be several enemies to deal with, including Mother Gooseberry. She will be found near the Exit most of the time. You can either lure her out of the location or fight her. No matter what you do, you have to be alive until your Shuttle comes.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete the ‘Open the Gates Fun Park MK Trial’ in The Outlast Trials.

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