How to Slide in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trials is a survival psychological horror game released on its early access on 18th May 2023. The Outlast series is a popular gaming series, and The Outlast Trials is the third installment in the series. If you have played Outlast games before, you are aware of the most used features of this game. Slide is one of the most used features in The Outlast games and is included in the latest installment. If you are unaware of how to Slide in The Outlast Trials, this guide will help you with it.

Guide to Slide in The Outlast Trials- How to Do?

If you have played the Outlast games before, you know that Slide is not a new ability. The previous Outlast games also have the Slide ability, and The Outlast Trials has this ability too. The name already says what this ability can do. It is advantageous when players want to escape enemies instead of fighting them. Also, you can use this ability to escape situations that are out of your control.

It is natural that players want to use the slide ability in The Outlast Trials, but let me tell you, this is not unlocked from the beginning, and you can’t automatically unlock it as you progress. Instead, players need to purchase the Prescription to unlock Slide Ability. Slide ability can only be unlocked by purchasing a Prescription.

If you are confused about the Prescription system, let me tell you, Prescriptions are like perks that you can purchase and use in the game. These are additional abilities that must be purchased and used when required to survive adverse situations. To purchase Prescriptions, players need to visit Emily Barlow’s Pharmacy. The pharmacy can be visited after each successful trial, and players can go through multiple tiers to select the most appropriate perk.

Guide to Slide in The Outlast Trials- How to Do

Slide is one of the 16 perks that must be brought from Emily Barlow’s Pharmacy, and it can be acquired pretty early in the game as it is a Tier 1 Perk to unlock. So, if you have been looking for a suitable perk to unlock early, we suggest unlocking Slide. However, Prescriptions can’t be purchased for free. You need to pay for them and to do this, you must complete Assignments set by Murkoff Facility. Another thing to remember is that unless you reach Therapy Level 3, you can’t purchase prescriptions from Emily Barlow. The Therapy Level is like the Player’s level. The more you progress and complete missions, you will get XP to increase your Therapy Level. So, it will take some time before you purchase and unlock Slide, but it won’t take too long.

That’s all you need to know about how to Slide in The Outlast Trials.

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