How to Unlock Amps in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trial is the latest game in The Outlast Series, released in its early access on 18th May 2023. This psychological horror survival game is too scary and consists of challenging trials. However, the game provides you with weapons and equipment o survive the trials, like Amps. If you are unaware of Amps and want to know how to unlock it, this guide will help you with the necessary information.

Amps Location Guide in The Outlast Trials- How to Unlock?

If you have played the previous Outlast games, you are aware that these games are scary enough with challenging trials to complete. Like Survival games, this game also has powerful enemies to deal with, and players need to survive against them based on their skills. However, players will get various weapons and equipment to survive the story and reach the climax.

Amps are the newly introduced features in the game, and these are basically mysterious features that players can acquire from a specific NPC. Amps can be a part of your combat loadout like Prescriptions and help you during challenging battles. However, these are of course, can’t be accessed from the beginning. Instead, players need to complete the tutorial to access the NPC that will give you Amps.

Amps Location Guide in The Outlast Trials- How to Unlock

Dorris is the NPC that you must interact with to get Amps, and she can be found in the Cafeteria on the top floor of the Murkoff Institute. But you can’t get Amps from her randomly. To get Amps from Dorris, players must reach Therapy Level 10. Therapy Level is like the player level in other games. The more you progress through the game and complete Trails, the more you will get XP to increase your Therapy Level. So, you can understand that reaching Therapy Level 10 takes some time.

As your Therapy Level increases, you will eventually unlock Amps and can get them from Dorris. The game has nine Amps to get, and each has a pre-set level to be unlocked. For example, the first Amp unlocks at level 10; the second Amp will be accessible at level 12; the third Amp can be acquired when you reach Therapy Level 14, etc.

Once you have unlocked a few Amps, you can add three to your loadout. To do so, go to the Central Terminal of the Institute, from where you can check your Therapy Level and XP. You will get the Loadout option there, and selecting it will allow you to add three Amps to your combat loadout.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Amps in The Outlast Trials.

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