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FIXED: Destiny 2 Error Code Guitar


Without a doubt, Destiny 2 is one of the best games we have come across in the past few years. But the game has a lot of errors and if you have played the game for some time, you must have encountered one or the other Destiny 2 errors. Strangely enough, the error codes mean nothing. Maybe the developers of the game are trying to lift your mood with a humorous error name when you are raging about the game crashing. Destiny 2 error code guitar is a fairly recent error that has surfaced after an update.

The Guitar error occurs when the users fail to pick up items from the ground in an activity such as Gambit. According to Bungie, the best way to avoid this error is to pick up the items during the game. The items include:

  • Glimmer
  • Destination Materials
  • Orbs of Light
  • Ammo (Special, Kinetic, and Power)
  • Engrams (Legendary, Rare, Powerful, etc.)

The error aggravates during “Last Wish” Raid when items are not picked from the Riven fight. If a certain amount of items are not picked, it can cause the server to crash resulting in the error guitar. So, the best way to avoid this error is to pick up the most items in a game mode.

For users who repeatedly experience the errors, here are some fixes you can try which Bungie suggests and have worked for other users.

Fix 1: Restarting Destiny

This is the first thing you should try as simply restarting the game can fix the problem sometimes. But, this is not a sure shot fix. Regardless, since it’s the easiest, it’s worth the try.

Steps to Restart for Xbox Users

  1. If you are still in the game, pause it using the Xbox logo button in the game controller.
  2. Below the Guide pane in right, locate Destiny 2.
  3. Select the game and click on the Start button and choose Quit.
  4. Relaunch the game and see if it works.

For PlayStation Users

  1. Click on the PlayStation logo on the controller to pause the game if you are still in the game.
  2. Select Destiny 2 from the titles displaying the running games and click on the options button to terminate the game.
  3. You can also stop the game from the in-game menu and navigating to Options > Log Out.

Fix 2: Clearing Cache in Console

Just like your internet browser, the console also stores cache which includes game files and temporary data that helps the game run faster and more efficiently as you do not have to download the game file every instance. Every once in a while, the temporary files of the game can become corrupted, overwritten, or some other code malfunction can occur which can percent the game from establishing a connection with the server, maintain connectivity, load the game, or create other issues. Deleting the cache files allows you to remove the defective game codes stored in the console and allows the console to download fresh game files and store them. Here are the steps to delete the cache from your console.

  1. Shut down the console.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the console once it has completely shut down.
  3. Let the console sit idle for 5 minutes for all operations to end and the console powers down completely.
  4. Put the power cords back and restart the console normally.
  5. Open the game and check if Destiny 2 error code guitar still appears.

Fix 3: Clearing Steam Download Cache

For Steam users, removing the old download cache works the same way as removing the cache in the console, so naturally, users who do not play the game on Steam can skip this step. Here is how you can delete the download cache files in Steam.

  • From the Steam client, click on Steam > Settings > Downloads
  • Click OK to confirm.

Once done, restart the game normally and check if the guitar error code still appears.

Fix 4: Hard Reset PlayStation

Like Xbox, there is no option to clear the cache in PlayStation; however, hard resetting the PlayStation performs the same function. PlayStation users try this method to fix the error code.

  1. Completely shut down the PlayStation.
  2. Remove the power cord from the back and let the PlayStation sit for a few minutes until all processes are completely shut down.
  3. Put the power cord back to its place and start the PlayStation normally. Check if the anteater error still appears.   

Fix 6: Reinstalling the Game

If none of the above methods have worked in resolving the Destiny 2 error guitar, reinstalling the game might be your only option. But before you do that, make sure you are connected to the Bungie server and the game progress is saved. The guitar error can be fixed by reinstalling because this error is mainly due to file corruption if not for the items not picked during the game missions. Uninstall the game and reinstall it again.

Hopefully, this would have fixed the Destiny 2 error code guitar. If not check, a helpful pace to keep an eye is the Bungie Twitter Help.

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