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FIXED – Destiny 2 Error Code Baboon

destiny 2 error code baboon

Destiny 2 is an online game, so naturally, the game requires you to be connected to the server at all times, even the slightest lapse in connection would result in an error. Hence, if you play the game regularly, at some point you would have encountered one of the Destiny 2 errors. Recently, there has been a steady rise in the number of users experiencing the Destiny 2 error code Baboon.

As explained on the Bungie website, the error code baboon is a result of connection disconnect and loss of packets between the host and the Bungie server. This can be caused due to a wide range of reasons from the fault of ISP, ISP saturation, Wi-Fi setups, mobile hotspots, weather conditions, or general internet congestion. For users in several Asian countries where the internet speed is volatile, the most likely cause of the error is a drop in the bandwidth speed or lost connection.

Not to worry though, the fix for Destiny 2 error Baboon is an easy one. You will be done with the fix in no time and back to the game.

Before we start with the fix, we recommend that you restart your game and hopefully that will eliminate the error code baboon in Destiny 2. If not, here are some fixes to try.

Fix 1: Move to a Wired Internet Connection

As recommended by Bungie, this is the first step you should take while troubleshooting the error. If it’s not possible to use a wired internet connection permanently, at least do it so you can rule out a possible fault with the Wi-Fi connection such as weak signals or stability of the connection.   

Fix 2: Force Quit Destiny

If you repeatedly come across the Destiny 2 error code Baboon and cannot log into the game, then you should force quit the game. Sometimes even when the error is resolved some files get refreshed and you encounter the error all over again, force quitting the game allows you to resolve this state. Here are the steps to force quit the game across various devices.

Force Quit on Xbox One

  1. Press the Xbox button in the game or the app.
  2. Ensure that the big application tile is highlighted, then press the Menu button.
  3. Select “Quit.”

Force Quit on Xbox 360

  1. Press the Xbox Guide button.
  2. Press ‘Y’ button to navigate back to the dashboard.

Force Quit on PlayStation 3

  1. Press and hold the PS button.
  2. Click “Quit Game”.
  3. Select “Yes”.

Force Quit on PlayStation 4

  1. Press and hold the PS button.
  2. Click “Close Application”.
  3. Select “Yes”.

Force Quit on PC

  1. Close Steam and restart the PC.
  2. If Steam does not respond, Go to Taskbar and open Task Manager.
  3. Click on Steam and “End Task”.

Fix 3: Server Undergoing Maintenance

As this is such a popular error code, there is a variety of unorthodox solutions and causes suggested by users on various gaming forums such as Steam, Bungie, etc. One recently surfacing cause of the Destiny 2 error baboon is that the error occurs when the server is under maintenance and once it’s over, the error code disappears. Even Destiny 2 developers have acknowledged this fact.

If this is why you are facing the error, there is little you can do other than wait for the maintenance to be over. How would you know if the server is undergoing maintenance? Well, on forums where they discuss Destiny 2 and even on the Bungie website. You can also check the Bungie Help Twitter Account. If server maintenance is underway, wait for it to be over and relaunch the game.

Fix 4: Network Troubleshooting

If none of the above fixes has worked for you then there might be a problem with your network as this error mainly occurs when the connection between the host and server ceases. The problem can also be with your ISP, so it’s a good idea to give them a call and request a check of your connection. On your end, you can perform certain checks to ensure there isn’t any bad network configuration.

Disconnect the power cord from the router and reconnect it after a few minutes, check if the error is gone. If not, reset the router. Ensure you have all the credentials necessary to configure the router again as per the specifications of your ISP. Here are the steps to reset the router.

  1. Ensure the router has an active power supply. Look for a hole at the back of the router, this hole has the reset button inside it.
  2. Using a pin press the reset button, do it multiple times each time pressing the reset button and holding for 20 seconds.
  3. Once you have successfully reset the router, restart your computer and connect to the network and check if the Destiny 2 error code Baboon has disappeared.

If this does not work for you and you are already using a wired internet connection, try switching the connection to Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot. No result? It’s time you raised a ticket with Bungie. This is done by posting your problem on the Bungie forum and the developers or game experts resolve your problem.

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