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Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel Fix

destiny 2 error code weasel

Destiny 2 error code weasel is a common error that users face when playing the popular online first-person shooting game. The Weasel error code forces the user to disconnect from the game server. This error was previously grouped under Centipede. The split-off is intended to provide better investigation and fix and to identify the specific issues that users are facing. In this post, we will help you identify the problems that are causing the error and recommend fix that can get you back into the game in the least time possible.

The usual cause of this error is a faulty connection either from your end or the Bungie server. This error in connection can occur due to a wide range of reasons from bad weather conditions, faulty Wi-Fi connection, a general internet connectivity problem, or the Bungie server becoming overloaded. Users can also experience the problem when using Cross-Save and trying to log into multiple platforms at the same time.

As Destiny 2 is a highly anticipated game and users all around the world play it, at times the server can become too stressed, the best place to check the status of the server is the Bungie Help Twitter account, where the company regularly posts status updates.

If the problem is from the Bungie’s end, there is little you can do other than wait it out and logging-in and logging-out, which usually does the trick for most users. But if the Destiny 2 error code weasel persists you can try other things we recommend.    

Often time the problem can be fixed by a simple reboot of the game or the system or switching from the Wi-Fi or hotspot connection to a wired connection. If the problem is from your end these simple actions will allow you to reestablish the connection with the game. If this does not work, follow the below fix.

5 Solutions to Fix Error Code Weasel Destiny 2

1.     Replace the Internet Cable

Many times the problem is in the internet cable of your modem. So before heading to any of the ways to fix this error first just change the internet cable and relaunch the game.

2.     Ensure No Pending Clan Invites

For most of the users, this problem is just arriving due to a clan. Sometimes the reason behind this mishappening is just an invite from a clan. so in order to fix this just go and check on bungie.net for a new clan invite. On bungie.net you will find the list under the membership section. If any pending invite is there just clear them up and give the game a try.

3.     Set up a New Account (PlayStation users)

If you’re facing this issue on a PlayStation console then you must try this way because for most of PS users this trick had done their work. So when you see this error on your PlayStation console just create a new account and most probably this will help you in fixing this error on your PlayStation.

4.     Uninstall Destiny 2 from your Smartphone

Destiny 2 had a companion app which work on android smartphone. This companion app helps you to remain connected to the game even when you’re away from your gaming platform although this game was very helpful for destiny gamer but for many users it has also been identified as one of the reason for the error code weasel so just uninstall this app from your smartphone and it will be done for you.

5.     Clear Cache (Xbox users)

If you’re playing the game on an X BOX platform and you’re facing this issue then you must try this trick as this is one of the most useful for X Box gamer. So when you face error code weasel in Destiny 2 then just clear the cache of your XBOX and you’re ready for playing this game and code weasel will disappear positively. To clear the cache of XBOX follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Shut down the Xbox

Step 2:- Remove the power cord from Xbox. Press and hold the power button to clean up the remaining power from the console.

Step 3:- Put in the power brick and it will display white color light wait for it to change from white to orange.

Now you’re done turn the XBOX on and start playing.

If you have tried all the methods and still the game does not work, the error is probably on the server-end and there is little you can do other than wait it out.

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