Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Similar to most errors that occur while playing Destiny 2 such as the error code weasel and buffalo, the Destiny 2 error code anteater is also due to a faulty connection between the server and the host.

According to Bungie, these errors are caused due to circumstances unassociated with the Bungie server such as the result of a problem with ISP, network hardware compliance issues, packet lost while playing the game, unstable connections, and Wi-Fi glitches.

Hence, the fault most likely is with your device and network. Making some small changes and configuration adjustments can get you back in the game.

Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater Fix

Here is a list of solutions to fix Destiny 2 error anteater.

1. Stop Using the Hotspot or Wi-Fi Connection

Any game that requires you to transfer packets of data should be played over a wired connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi or hotspot connection to play Destiny 2, we highly recommend that you switch to a wired connection. A large number of errors that occur in Destiny 2 are due to interruption in connection and the Wi-Fi is the primary culprit. If you are serious about gaming and don’t want errors whether it’s for Destiny 2, COD, or any other game, a wired connection is a must.

Many users who faced the error code were able to connect with the game and play it seamlessly once they shifted from Wi-Fi or hotspot connection to a wired internet connection. Try this as the first step for any error you encounter with the game.    

2. Clear Cache

Another proved method to resolve the Anteater error code is clearing the cache, this method does not just fix this particular error but any other problem you might be facing with the game. However, it’s only for Xbox users, so naturally, people playing on PC or PlayStation can skip through this solution.

A word of caution though, before you proceed with this method, ensure the game is synced online and you have backed up the game as most of the data will be deleted from your local system memory – the Xbox memory.

There are two ways to delete the cache from the Xbox and reset the memory.

Manual Reset

  • Press the power button on the Xbox until the system powers down completely.
  • Detach the power cord from the Xbox located at the back. Repeatedly press and hold the power button on the Xbox to drain the power. This clears the cache and formats the memory of the Xbox.
  • Connect the power cord and wait for the Xbox to switch on, wait until the white light turns orange.
  • At this point, turn the Xbox on as you would normally and open the game to see if you still face the Destiny 2 error code anteater.

Resetting Cache through Settings

  • Navigate to the Xbox settings > Network > Advanced Settings.
  • Go to Alternate Mac Address and select Clear option.
  • Xbox will prompt the user if they want to continue. Give your command as affirmative and the Xbox will restart clearing the cache. Once done, open the game to check if you still encounter the Anteater error code.

3. Hard Reset PlayStation

Like Xbox, there is no option to clear the cache in PlayStation; however, hard resetting the PlayStation performs the same function. PlayStation users try this method to fix the error code.

  • Completely shut down the PlayStation.
  • Remove the power cord from the back and let the PlayStation sit for a few minutes until all processes are completely shut down.
  • Put the power cord back to its place and start the PlayStation normally. Check if the anteater error still appears.   

4. Contact Internet Service Provider

As Bungie recommend that the error can be caused due to problem with the ISP, it’s always a good idea to give them a call. Many times a particular game or website might be problematic and the problem is with the Internet Service Provider. Request the ISP to run tests to check you connection speed. Sometimes lowering the ping can also eliminate this error. Make sure that everything is fine from the ISP end.    

5. Replace Internet Cables and Equipment

More often than not, the problem is with old internet cables or equipment. If you have not changed the internet cable and other network equipment in years, it might be time you do so. Even if you have a new cable installed, having a spare for test purposes is recommended. Even a new cable can be faulty so check the cable and other equipment for fault. A lot of users simply have a defective or leaking cable that’s causing the Destiny 2 error code anteater as it disconnects just a fraction of the second but enough to cause packet lapse and the error.   

6. Check Firewall

For PC users, the Firewall is a great antimalware software integrated in the OS to defend your system against malicious software, but often it’s the cause of most problems. Sometimes, the error can also be caused as the Windows Firewall is blocking Destiny 2. There is two things you can try, one a little less risky than the other. Try adding Destiny 2 to the Windows exception list. You can follow the same steps we have highlighted in this blog to add Chrome to the exception list of Windows Firewall.

The other method is to simply turn off the Windows Defender and try playing the game. If it works, the problem is with the Windows Defender.

If Windows Defender is causing the Destiny 2 error code Anteater, then you must add the game in the exception list of Windows Defender because turning off the Defender is not a long-term fix as it may put your system under risk.

If the issue is still not fixed, you might have some files missing from the game and a reinstallation of the game can fix the problem. There are various software available online that can scan your repository for corrupt and missing file, try one of these software such as Reimage Repair Tool. We do not specifically recommend this particular software, it’s just a suggestion! You can find a better alternative.

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