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FIXED – Destiny 2 Error Code Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard

FIXED - Destiny 2 Error Code Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard

Destiny 2 error code Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard belong to the same family of error which arises when one device is unable to communicate with other devices through the internet. The primary cause of this error is a nonfunctioning internet connection due to ISP saturation, packet loss, or general internet congestion. The fault in connection can also originate due to faulty network hardware or configuration. If multiple consoles are using the same router that can also lead to this error code and others in its family like the Flatworm and Leopard. A large number of users where able to resolve the issue by changing their NAT type. A strict NAT is most often the cause of this type of error.

Don’t fuss though, we will help you resolve the error code Beaver in Destiny 2 in a few simple steps. But, before we proceed, we suggest you hard reset the console and check if the internet connection is working. For some users, a simple hard reset resolved the error.

For PC users, try rebooting and playing the game. If the error still appears, follow with our fixes.  

Fix 1: Switch to a Wired Internet Connection

We cannot emphasize more the importance of using a wired connection. A large number of users face errors simply because of using Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot. As these types of connections are volatile, they can cause packet loss. So, it’s worth it to try and shift to a wired internet connection to play the game.   

Fix 2: Clear Console Cache To Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Beaver

Sometimes the console might be storing corrupted or overwritten game files that are causing an error in connection with the Bungie server. Clearing the cache can resolve the error. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Turn off the console.
  2. When you have turned off the console, remove all the power cords.
  3. Let the console rest for a few minutes
  4. Plug-in the power supply and restart the console.

You console cache is cleared, now try playing the game and check if Destiny 2 error code Beaver.

Fix 3: Enable UPnP or Port Forward to Get Open NAT

For most connectivity issues with the console, NAT type of the router is a common culprit. In this case, users across platforms can resolve the error by changing their NAT type from Strict to Open. There are various ways you can do that – the most acceptable method of changing the NAT type is enabling UPnP.

Why do you need to enable UPnP? Nearly all games that require you to maintain a connection with the server use UPnP technology. UPnP allows your computer to be discovered by the server and vice versa to easily perform network services such as data sharing, entertainment, and communications. So, needless to say, the UPnP should be enabled on your router. UPnP creates compatibility with other players allowing easy communication. For the best gaming experience across devices, you should have the UPnP enabled. Some old routers do not have this function. In such a circumstance, you will have to forward ports.

Enable UPnP to Set Open NAT Type.

  1. Open the browser on your computer and go to the log-in page of your router.
  2. Provide the credentials and log-in.
  3. Locate the UPnP menu (As different service providers have different interfaces and settings, the location of the UPnP menu can vary. At this point, having the manual of the service provider open in another tab can come handy. You can also search on Google for the directions to find your UPnP settings. If you have an old router, chances are you do not have UPnP and would have to do port forwarding. It’s essentially the same thing but a little manual as you have to enter each port to forward at a time.)
  4. Select Enable UPnP or toggle-on the UPnP switch depending on your router interface.
  5. Save the changes.

Now, you have open NAT and should be able to play the game. Xbox users can even check if the Open NAT is enabled. Do this by going to Settings on the Xbox >>> Network >>> Select Test NAT type. Open the game and check if Destiny 2 error code Beaver is gone.

If your router does not have UPnP, don’t worry port forwarding can do the same thing.  

Port Forward to Set Open NAT

Before we port forward, first we have to assign static IP for the Xbox and PlayStation.

Before assigning the static IP address, we need to find the IP address of your device. Let’s find and note down the IP address.

For Xbox One Users

  1. Push the menu button on the Xbox
  2. Go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings
  3. Navigate to IP Address section and note down the IP Address and the MAC address.

For PlayStation Users

  1. Start the PlayStation 4 Console.
  2. From the main menu, go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  3. Locate the IP address and MAC address and note it down.

Now that you have your IP address and the Mac address, we can set the static IP. Follow these steps to set the static IP.

  • Open any browser and enter the Default Gateway number (IP address) provided by the ISP and log-in using your username and password.
  • Navigate to settings and activate Enable Manual Assignment option. Under the Manual Assignment option, add the IP address and the MAC address of your console and click add.
  • Remember though, the name and the settings can vary from one router to the other so you might have to do a little searching to find the exact options. Type the name of your router + set static IP and you should find some helpful articles.

Having set the static IP, we can now proceed to port forwarding.

  1. While still logged into the Default Gateway number, find the port forwarding section. If this option does not appear in settings, try the advanced settings. Have the help page of the router manufacturer open for support on terminology and steps to find port forwarding.
  2. Now that you have entered port forwarding, you have to enter the range of the ports you want to open in Start and End or Internal and External. To set Open NAT, open the following ports:
  3. UDP: 88, 500, 3544, 4500
  4. TCP & UDP: 3074

Remember to fill the exact protocol – TCP or UDP under the Type of Service Type option. As there is an option to open one port range at a time, do this multiple times until you add all the port ranges.

  • The next step is to enter the static IP we created for the console and click enable or ok. Restart the console and router for the settings to apply.
  • Check if the Destiny 2 error code Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard has been resolved.

If you have done all this and still the game results in the error, the fault probably isn’t with your network hardware or configuration, but general ISP outages. Contact your internet service provider for resolution. Additionally, check the Bungie server from their Twitter handle.

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