Abandoned ‘Check back soon’ Error – Fix Coming Soon

Harry S
Harry S

Abandoned is a mysterious PS5 title that no one knows much about. It is developed by Blue Box Game Studios, but there are a lot of rumors around the game and it possibly being the Silent Hill reveal. However, the developer has confirmed they have no affiliation with license-holder Konami. The app that was supposed to reveal the game on PS5 is giving the error ‘Check back soon.’ With the app not working, there is no way to confirm the rumor about the new game. But, it’s unlikely that the Abandoned project will be a Silent Hill reveal. Nevertheless, if you have faced the Abandoned ‘Check back soon’ error, here is what you need to know.

Abandoned ‘Check back soon’ Error – Fix Coming Soon

The Abandoned Realtime Experience app was supposed to go online on the 10th, but the time and date when the app was released, it went down and users were unable to access the application. They were getting the Abandoned ‘Check back soon’ error.

You are not able to access the application as there is an ongoing problem with the game as confirmed by the developers. Here are all the tweets and the updates on the application.


Hopefully, the devs would get to the bottom of the issue soon and you can finally find out what Abandoned is about.    

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