Fix Crucible Using 99 Percent GPU, Lag, and FPS Drop

Crucible Using 99 Percent GPU, Lag, and FPS Drop

A developer’s nightmare, Crucible already has a bunch of issues with the game and it’s just been a few days since launch. In fact, users started reporting errors within the first hour the game went live on Steam. Amazon Game Studio has done a crappy job anticipating the game’s popularity. As people jumped to play the game, they found they could not connect with the server and fatal error was widespread. Besides, that, the game is also not optimized well which is leading to the Crucible 99 percent GPU usage.

Right now, the only fix for the GPU using 99 percent of the GPU while playing Crucible is to reduce the frame rate and limit it to a maximum of 60 until the developers release a patch that optimizes the game for a better FPS. Other errors encountered in the game includes lag and FPS drop. If you have encountered the above errors, here is a guide to help you fix the issue.

Note: If you have been facing the above error, do not continue to play the game as the graphics card could be overheating and you may be risking a permanent damage. Even when the damage might not appear momentarily, it reduces the life of the graphics card.  

Time Needed : 02 minutes

Quick Guide to Fix Crucible 99 Percent GPU Usage

  1. Reduce FPS Rate

    NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Max Frame Rate. Set it to 60. Max frame rate crucible

  2. Enable V-Sync

    NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Virtual Sync > OnEnable V-sync

  • NVIDIA Graphics Card Users

How to Fix 99 Percent GPU Usage in Crucible?

The culprit of the 99 percent GUP usage is most definitely the poor programming of the game, so you need not worry about your system. However, it’s essential that you fix the problem. The first solution you can try is limiting the FPS. If that does not work, ensure V-Sync is enabled.

By reducing the FPS of the game, you can bring down the GPU usage to 50 percent or lesser.

Fix: Reduce Max Frame Rate and Enable V-Sync

Here are the steps you need to follow to set the frame rate to 60 for Nvidia graphics cards.

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Go to Manage 3D Settings
  3. Locate Max Frame Rate and click on the FPS value to expand the control
  4. Set the FPS to 60
  5. Next, scroll-down to the bottom and find Vertical Sync
  6. Enable it by selecting On
  7. Click Apply to save the changes.

After you have performed the above steps, it should effectively reduce the GPU usage and heating.

How to Fix Lag and FPS Drop in Crucible?

Limiting the FPS and enabling the V-Sync also work in reducing the lag and FPS problems with Crucible.

If you are using a VPN to play the game, it could be the cause of the Crucible lag problem. Although under certain circumstance using a VPN might be necessary, but unless you have a good reason to use VPN avoid it as it can cause lag with the game.

When experiencing lag, some of the best practices to troubleshoot the problem is to ensure the Windows is updated. Cease the applications running on the background, restarting the router/modem, and use a wired connection.

If the FPS drop with Crucible persists, you could try lowering the graphics settings of the game. Reduce the following settings to low – Water, Pattern, Texture, Texture Filter, Shading, Shadow, and Post-Processing.

If you have performed the fixes suggested in the post, it should effectively fix the Crucible Using 99 Percent GPU, Lag, and FPS Drop problem with the game. If you are experiencing other errors, let us know and we will try to create a guide for them as well. And if you have a better fix, you are welcome to share them in comments.

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