Fix Modern Warfare 2 Connection Failed: Login Servers Undergoing Maintenance Detrick Guernsey Error


Modern Warfare 2 has finally launched after an extensive campaign on early access. The game has a lot of issues, from crashing and stuttering to performance issues that make continuing with the game impossible, but if you get the Modern Warfare 2 Connection Failed: Login Servers Undergoing Maintenance error in the game. The error code for this issue is “Reason: Detrick – Guernsey,” there is a very specific reason. You are getting the error because the servers are not online. Keep reading to know more about the error.

How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code Detrick Guernsey

The Connection Failed issue in Modern Warfare 2 cannot be considered an error as the game has not launched yet. The developers are still working on polishing the title as we speak. This may include work on the servers. It is also worth noting that the servers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have not come online yet.

Gamers will get access to the Open Beta of Modern Warfare 2 as soon as it rolls out starting September 16, 1 PM EDT. The game will be only available to players who pre-ordered the title on the PlayStation console until September 18. After that, the Open Beta will begin on September 18 at 1 PM EDT, when all fans and gamers can experience the all-new experience.

The game will be available for platforms starting September 22.

Thus, it is very common for gamers to face a Maintenance Error on their respective platforms before the Open Beta rolls out. In this case, the best bet is to wait until the game releases.

If the error happens after the game has hit the respective platforms, the most likely issue is a server overload caused by the massive number of gamers that jumped into the game as it goes free for a couple of weeks.

Update 21 Sep 2022 – Error Login Servers Undergoing Maintenance

If you are getting the error today, i.e., the 21 Sep 2022, the reason for it is the same as before the servers are completely offline. Here are the beta dates to help you understand when the game will be playable. You don’t need to worry for PS players, as you will again get access to the beta once it becomes available for PC.

When you run into the Detrick Guernsey error, the most likely reason is that the servers are offline for maintenance. You may also get the error when you cannot connect to the servers. You should check the server and verify your internet whenever you get this error.

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