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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code PILUM – Purchase Failed

Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code PILUM - Purchase Failed

Many people who have tried to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Warzone have gotten the error message “PILUM.” Before users can even access the menu, they see a notification identifying the issue that has occurred. This happens when people attempt to play a multiplayer game together.

This error message appears because the Multiplayer Pack cannot be downloaded. This is a common problem with Xbox consoles in general, not just MW.

Potential Causes For Modern Warfare 2 Error Code PILUM and Fix

Players have been complaining about this issue for quite some time, so we’ve decided to investigate more to find out what’s causing it. Listed below are some of the most likely causes of this problem:

  1. It’s possible that just a bug in your game is preventing the download of the missing package that is causing this problem. As the game is unable to connect to the Microsoft Store on its own, you will need to do so before downloading the package. The Xbox console itself can be used, or a personal computer can be used to begin the download.
  1. An incorrect Alternate MAC address is another potential source of a MAC address-related issue. Many users who were affected by this issue have stated that the problem was fixed by erasing the saved Alternate MAC address and then restarting the console, which then allowed the system to utilize the normal MAC address.
  1. This problem could also be caused by corrupted files, which prevent the game from downloading all of the necessary resources. Due to this, the game is currently unplayable due to the missing packages. It is recommended to perform a factory reset in order to remove any corrupted files if you are unable to locate the missing packages. When you restart your device, we suggest not deleting your games and apps.

Now that you know what could be triggering this problem, check out the several solutions that other gamers have tried:

Visit the Microsoft Store and Download the Multiplayer Pack

Numerous users have reported that reinstalling the game after downloading the Multiplayer Pack from the Microsoft Store has resolved their problems. For anyone experiencing the PILUM problem, this is a quick and painless fix.

You’re in luck because there are two options for getting the required packages onto your computer. It’s available for download via the Microsoft Store, which you can access directly from your web browser by going to the store’s official page. If you have an issue with multiplayer on your Xbox, downloading Data Pack 3 (even if it’s labeled otherwise) should solve the issue.

You must be signed in with the same Microsoft account that you use to access your Xbox system.

All that’s required of you is to click the Get button, and the package will be downloaded automatically. To begin, please comply with the on-screen prompts. When you’re done, the Multiplayer Pack should appear on your Xbox console’s Manage Game/Add-ons menu. By making these adjustments, the issue should be resolved.

Alternatively, you can access the Microsoft Store from within the Xbox itself. You must perform a search for the Multiplayer Pack as soon as you enter the store. If you come across it, get the package. Even if it didn’t work for everyone who tried it, it’s still a good idea to attempt this approach. Attempt the fix below if this one didn’t work for you.

Participate in a quick match of Warzone

After you have found out that you are not able to play Modern Warfare, the other option available to you is to participate in a quick match of Warzone. If you do this, the files will download immediately, solving your problem.

If you’re trying to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and getting the PILUM problem, just switch to COD: Warzone. You are required to compete in a short match, so continue to play a game till you are eliminated. Return to the game’s main menu once you are done with the quick match.

The download of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and all required files should begin automatically. Although the download time may be quite a lot due to the quantity of the files, you should be able to start playing the game without issue after they are completely downloaded.

If you’ve already done this and the downloads still don’t show up when you return to the main menu, proceed to the next fix.

Remove Modern Warfare II and Warzone and all its content (disc only)

Players also suggested attempting a full uninstallation of all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone content as a potential solution. The next step is to re-insert the disc into the console, but this time the system must be in offline mode.

Players with a digital copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cannot use this approach since they cannot use a disc that they do not have.

First, remove everything related to Modern Warfare and Warzone from your computer. When you’re done, head to your Xbox’s Guide menu’s Network Settings to disconnect from the internet. The next step is to boot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from the DVD while still in offline mode. At this point, the Modern Warfare data should begin downloading.

If you haven’t finished downloading everything, wait until you have, and then log back on to your console to finish downloading anything else you need to. Wait for it to finish installing, and then confirm that you wish to proceed.

Both games should launch normally after the download is complete.  If this solution didn’t work, try the one below it.

Erase the alternate MAC address settings

You may be able to resolve the PILUM error message on your Xbox console by deleting the Alternate MAC address in the network settings. Some users who were afflicted by the issue said that it stopped happening once they did this and restarted the console. A restart of the system should cause it to use the factory-set MAC address, which should eliminate the issue.

Here are the directions to follow if you’re unfamiliar with the process:

  • From the main Xbox dashboard, select the vertical menu on either the right or left to enter the Settings menu (depending on your settings).
  • Afterward, once inside the Settings menu, choose the Network tab from the vertical menu on the right.
  • After that, you can access the Alternate MAC address settings by clicking the Advanced settings tab. Find Cleat in the Alternate Wired MAC’s drop-down menu of available options, click it, and then confirm your decision to delete the existing Alternate MAC address.
  • Once the Alternate MAC address has been reset, restart your console and see if the problem still exists after the system boots normally.

If you’re still having trouble playing Call of Duty after trying the other solutions, try the one listed below.

Reset the Xbox console

If the PILUM issue still appears after you’ve tried the aforementioned solutions, a factory reset of your Xbox system might be the next best thing. By performing this operation, your operating system files will be reset, and any corrupted data will be removed.

Your Xbox can be reset with no effort, but you will lose none of your saved games or applications. In theory, the absent packages will become accessible for download after the console has restarted.

If you need to reset your console, here’s what you do:

  • Pressing the Xbox button will bring up a guidance menu (on your controller). Once you’ve reached the destination, head to System > Settings > System > Console Info. After entering the Console Info menu, choose Reset console and press A to access it.
  • Once in the Reset console menu, select “Reset and keep my games & applications.”
  • Please be patient while the system completes the process. After it’s done, your console will restart automatically.
  • It is expected that the list of installable packages will be displayed somewhere in the console after it has finished booting. Otherwise, start the game to check if any of the missing packets appear. It’s imperative that you download all of the available packets the moment you see them.
  • If you install the packages you were missing, the PILUM error should go away.

That was it for this guide on how to fix Modern Warfare 2 error code PILUM- Purchase Failed. If you are interested in reading more Call of Duty related articles, click on this link to be redirected to our section for it. Check out our homepage for more guides on various titles and technology. Thank you for reading this article.

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