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How to Unlock the Gold Kastov 762 in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock the Gold Kastov 762 in Modern Warfare 2

Players are always obsessed with customization when it comes to renowned video games. So, the developers also never really disappoint players with the customization, and especially COD players always have a great range of customization regarding weapon loadout and skins. However, Modern Warfare 2 has brought the customization feature to the next level. If you have seen players having a Gold Kastov 762 and haven’t yet figured out how to unlock it, this guide will be the right choice for you.

Gold Camo for Kastov 762 in Modern Warfare 2- How to Unlock?

CoD players can’t deny that Assault Rifles are one of the most popular weapon categories in the Series. Every COD game features multiple Assault Rifles, and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception. Kastov 762 was previously named AK-47 in the game and used to be one of the most powerful ARs. So, naturally, players can be curious to get Gold Camo for Kastov 762.

Getting the Gold Camo has the same process for every weapon, and without unlocking Gold Camo, there is no other way to get Golden Weapons in Modern Warfare 2. As you use a weapon in matches and get kills, your weapon gets XP and levels up. The Base Camo Challenges unlock for Kastov 762 at specific levels. As you level up Kastov 762, you’ll get the following challenges-

  • Get 50 Kills with Kastov 762
  • Get 20 Kills With Kastov 762 while Mounted
  • Get 50 ADS Kills with Kastov 762
  • Get 15 Kills from Behind with Kastov 762

These challenges take some time to complete, and you must use Kastov 762 to complete every challenge. Though the first three challenges are not that tough, the last one is one of the most complicated. This challenge requires the less amount of kills, but you’ll find it the most problematic of all, as these 15 kills need to be from behind.

However, once all four challenges are done, you can get the final Gold Camo Challenge for Kastov 762- Get 3 kills undying with Kastov 762, 10 times. After this challenge is done, players will get Gold Camo for Kastov 762 as a reward.

That’s all you need to know about how to get gold Kastov 762 in Modern Warfare 2. Gold Camo doesn’t add extra power to the weapon, but you can show it off to the other players in the lobby. Also, it will indicate the time and effort you put into Modern Warfare 2.

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