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How to Unlock Gold Rocket Launcher in Modern Warfare 2

How to Unlock Gold Rocket Launcher in Modern Warfare 2

COD games generally have a few customizations every time, but Modern Warfare 2 has revolutionized the entire process and brought a whole lot of new customization features, and Camos is one of the greatest among them. Modern Warfare 2 has brought 4 types of Mastery Camo– Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion. Gold Camo gives a Golden appearance to the weapons. This guide will help you know how you can unlock Gold Rocket Launcher in Modern Warfare 2.

Gold Rocket Launcher in Modern Warfare 2- How to Get?

If you have been playing Modern Warfare 2, you have probably understood the point that, except for unlocking Gold Camo, there is no other way to unlock the Gold weapons. Only Gold Camo gives weapons golden bright weapon skin. This process is similar for the Rocket Launcher as well. Modern Warfare 2 has 4 Rocket Launchers, and you can unlock Gold Camo for each. As always, you have to do it separately for each of them; fortunately, the process is similar for all.

If you are looking for Gold Camo, suppose for the default Launcher PILA, you have to play with it and unlock the Mastery Challenges for it. The first Mastery Camo Challenge for PILA will unlock when the weapon reaches level 11. You have to complete the challenge by killing 40 kills with PILA. Next, you’ll unlock the Gold Camo Challenge, where you have to get 2 kills with the Launcher without dying, and this process needs to be repeated 5 times. Once this process is done, you have unlocked the Gold Camo for PILA.

Follow the same process for each of the launchers you unlock. Level them up and unlock Camo Challenges and complete the Gold Camo Challenge. Though the three have identical processes, JOKR has a slightly different method. While unlocking Gold Camo for JOKR, players need to get 2 kills with JOKR without dying 10 times. This has made the process complicated, but that’s the only way to get Goldern Rocket Launchers.

That’s all you need to do to get Golden Rocket Launcher in Modern Warfare 2. Except for PILA, the other three Launchers will unlock as you level up. So, getting Golden Rocker Launchers requires a lot of grinding and effort. There’s no shortcut to get Golden Camo in Modern Warfare 2.

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