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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Beta Windows 8 Error ‘Operating System Not Compatible’

Fix Modern Warfare 2 ‘A Required Network Service Has Failed’ Error

Modern Warfare 2 beta was not a great experience for many eager players who jumped to play the game yesterday. But, if you manage to get past the error and play a game, the gameplay is smooth and fun, very close to the 2019 Modern Warfare. The issue with the game range from crashing and failing to start the game, a variety of server errors even when there is no internet issue on the user’s end. The issue with the phone verification on Steam, and several others. Among the errors, the most reported is the Modern Warfare 2 beta Windows 8 error, which says, “Your operating system windows 8 is not compatible with Call of Duty MW2.” If you have run into this error, here is what you need to know.

Fix Your Operating System Windows 8 is not compatible with Call of Duty MW2

The weird thing about the Modern Warfare 2 Windows 8 error is that most users who reported it are either on the latest build on Windows 10 or 11. So, the error should not occur in the first place. For users on Windows 11, there was a version update recently, the version 22H2. Ensure that you install that version of Windows.

Ensure the Game is Not Running in Compatibility Mode

The first fix you should try is to ensure that the game’s executable is not set for compatibility mode. To perform this fix, follow the below steps.

  1. Right-click on the game in the Steam Library and go to Properties
  2. Select the Local Files tab and click on Browse
  3. Locate the game’s executable and right-click > choose Properties
  4. Go to the Compatibility tab
  5. Ensure that you are not running the program in compatibility mode.   

Update the Operating System

If you are running the supported OS such as Windows 10 or 11 and still getting the error. The OS may not be on the latest build if you have not enabled the compatibility mode. A new update a few days back brought the 22H2 version to Windows 11 and 21H1 for Windows 10. So, ensure that the OS is updated. Go to the update section of the Windows Settings and download and install all the available updates.

Ensure that Steam is Not Running in Compatibility Mode

It’s the same fix as the first one but for Steam. Locate the Steam executable and perform the same steps as above. This will fix the Modern Warfare Windows 8 bug with some luck, and you can continue with the game. Do reboot the PC or at least the Steam client once you have removed the compatibility mode.

Watch our video on YouTube with the visual steps.

Reinstall the Operating System

We do not suggest this fix unless you are desperate to play the game and can risk unproven fixes. A few users have reported that reinstalling the operating system allowed them to bypass the Modern Warfare 2 compatibility issue and play the game.

That’s all we have at the time to fix the “Your Operating System Windows 8 is not compatible with Call of Duty MW2” error. We will update this post if we have new info.   

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  1. i have a pirated windows 10, version 1909 revision 1082. how do I bypass or solve the unsupported operating system error

  2. pointless trash. nothing helped. i have the most recent build of windows 11 just updated yesterday. what a joke

    1. Stupid people should abstain from commenting. PC is complicated there is rarely a fix that can help everyone.

  3. Tried everything I could find online and it still happens, what should I do next???

    1. What’s your OS and current version?

      1. 21H2 // OS Build. 19044.2075

        1. Did you install the optional updates?

  4. Hi,

    I really want to thank you. It worked, the solution was to disable the compatibility mode for steam !!

    Keep doing What you do man !

    1. glad it helped!

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