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How to Get Union Guard Assault Rifle in MW2 Multiplayer

Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith lets you unlock receivers through weapon platforms, which is a new concept in the Call of Duty franchise. To unlock new weapons, you need to get the base weapon first. The Union Guard Assault Rifle blueprint is available once you complete all the campaign missions, but how do you unlock it in multiplayer? In this guide, we will see how to get the Union Guard blueprint in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer.

How to Get Union Guard Assault Rifle in MW2 Multiplayer

You can unlock the Union Guard blueprint after completing all 17 missions in Campaign, but is it available in multiplayer? Here we will see how to get this weapon in Modern Warfare 2. 

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The Union Guard Assault Rifle falls under the M4 Platform in the Weapon Progression table. The M4 is the base weapon that will already be unlocked, and if you have completed the campaign missions, you will automatically unlock the Union Guard for multiplayer as well. To know if you have it, you can click on the Weapons tab in the menu, select the Multiplayer Loadout option, and click on your preferred custom loadout. Select the Primary Weapon slot and click on the M4. You will notice all the guns that you have unlocked under the M4. Next to the M4, you will notice the Union Guard. You can select it and click the equip button to have it as your primary weapon.

The Union Guard comes with its set of attachments, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right attachments to go with it. If you select the Gunsmith option over the Union Guard, you can take a look at all the attachments that are included. You can equip other attachments if you want, but you can run ahead and give this gun a spin on the Training Ground first to know how it works. 

You can also check out the video below on our YouTube page to know more about the Union Guard.

That’s all there is to know about getting the Union Guard in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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