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How to Complete Ghost Team in Modern Warfare 2

How to Complete Ghost Team in Modern Warfare 2

The early access version of Modern Warfare 2 campaign is finally live, and players can join in to play the missions. There are a lot of rewards in store that you can get hold of in the campaign-length game. Players might be wondering how some of the missions go in the game, or might be stuck somewhere, which is why we have tutorials for each mission. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to complete the Ghost Team Campaign Mission in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Complete Ghost Team in Modern Warfare 2

In the Ghost Team mission, you will be playing as Gaz. This is the penultimate mission in the game, which means the story is coming to a close. If you’re looking for just the safe codes for this mission, you can find them in the link below.

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You will be in Las Almas, Mexico after the briefing cutscene, surrounded by a lot of pipes. There are traps around, as Alejandro will warn you. Crouch under the green lasers after he throws the smoke bombs and you’ll be good. You will also need to disarm the guards silently.

Follow Alejandro Vargas and Captain Price to disarm even more lasers, and this time an enemy will shoot at you so you’ll need to take him out quickly. You will find a ladder to climb, and then you’ll be at a helipad location. Take out the two guards by the helicopter.

Enter the truck to drive, in search of Graves. Here you will find a lot of enemies to kill. Make your way to the tower and enter the warehouse building through a green door. Kill all the enemies inside and wait for Alejandro to join you in opening the big door. 

At Hangar 03, you can take advantage of the cars to hide behind as you shoot down enemies. Remember the code from earlier, which is 627. Clear more enemies and approach the blue container with a red light. Knock on the door to trigger the cutscene and prepare for the boss fight with Graves.

You’ll need to defeat Graves in a tank to complete the mission. Check out our guide for the boss fight here: How to Destroy the Tank in Modern Warfare 2 in Ghost Team Mission – Tank Boss Fight.

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