Best V Rising Magic Ability Tier List for PvP and PvE

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Magic abilities play an important role in V Rising, sometimes even more than your weapon abilities. Most of the magic abilities in the game are ranged attacks that allow you to excel both in PvP and PvE. In PvE, there are some bosses that are too dangerous up close, but the combat becomes much easier from a distance. In PvP, the usefulness of Magic Ability cannot be exaggerated more. So, what are the best V Rising magic abilities or tier lists for both PvP and PvE?

While any ability that serves you well in PvE should work for PvP as well. The best ability actually trickles down to your own style of play. Most of the abilities in the game are pretty nice. If you ask me, I think that the Chaos abilities will serve you well anytime, be it for defense or offense. Here are the Best V rising magic abilities for PvP and PvE.

Best V Rising Magic Abilities for PvP and PvE

Before we go ahead and suggest the best abilities, you should know that there are various categories of abilities in the game such as Frost, Blood, Chaos, etc. Blood is the basic ability and two of them are unlocked by default. Here are all the magic abilities in the game.

  1. Blood
    • Basic Skills
      • Blood Rage
      • Blood Rite
      • Crimson Aegis
      • Sanguine Coil
      • Shadowbolt
    • Travel Skill
      • Veil of Blood
    • Ultimate Skills
      • Crimson Beam
  2. Unholy
    • Basic Skills
      • Corpse Explosion
      • Pestilence
      • Purgatory
      • Unstable Mosquito
      • Ward of the Dammed
    • Travel Skill
      • Veil of Bones
    • Ultimate Skills
      • Summon Fallen Angel
      • Volatile Arachnid
  3. Illusion
    • Basic Skills
      • Mist Trance
      • Spectral Assassin
      • Spectral Wolf
      • Wisp Dance
    • Travel Skill
      • Veil Of Illusion
    • Ultimate Skills
      • Mirror Strike
      • Spectral Guardian
  4. Chaos
    • Basic Ability
      • Aftershock
      • Chaos Barrier
      • Chaos Volley
      • Power Surge
      • Void
    • Travel Ability
      • Veil Of Chaos
    • Ultimate Ability
      • Chaos Barrage
      • Merciless Charge
  5. Frost
    • Basic Ability
      • Crystal Lance
      • Frost Barrier
      • Frost Bat
      • Ice Nova
    • Travel Ability
      • Veil Of Frost
    • Ultimate Ability
      • Arctic Leap
      • Frost Vortex

Besides the above categories of abilities, you also have the vampire ability which allows you to change form and weapon abilities. Here is the tier list of magic abilities in V Rising.

Top 5 Best Magic Abilities in V Rising for Offence

Here are the best offensive magic abilities in V Rising and how to unlock them. All abilities in the game are unlocked by defeating bosses with V Blood.

1. Chaos Volley

The Chaos Volley is one of my personal favorites when it comes to offensive magic ability. It has good range and inflicts magic as well as burn damage. You are able to launch two Chaos bolts one after the other dealing 125% magic damage and burn. It’s an ability I have seen almost everyone uses, both in PvE and PvP. To get this ability, you need to beat Lidia the Chaos Archer.

2. Sanguine Coil

The Sanguine Coil is easily one of the best abilities as it not only deals damage but also heals you and your allies. It can help your allies 100% of your spell power and you 40%, which are damn good numbers, especially when you are taking on a boss in groups. You can also get this ability early in the game when you beat Meredith the Bright Arrow.

3. Veil Of Chaos

The third best ability is for travel and the Veil of Chaos is easily the best travel ability in the game. In fact, during my play-through of the game, I saw almost everyone use this ability, which should say how good it is. Like all travel abilities, the Veil of Chaos allows you to evade enemies quickly and the melee damage you deal after the ability gives you 25% bonus damage. When you dash forward, you leave behind an illusion that explodes and deals 50% magic damage. You can also recast the dash twice when done in a gap of a few seconds. This ability is unlocked after you beat Clive the Firestarter.

4. Arctic Leap

The Arctic Leap is a Frost and Ultimate ability, so it’s the best ultimate ability that you would want to use. There are a few other good ultimate abilities, but they put you in the line of fire. With the Arctic Leap, you are completely out of harm’s way all the while dealing damage and freezing enemies for 6 seconds to deal more damage with other magic attacks. With the ability, you jump in the air lading on the enemy dealing 225% AoE magic damage. The mobs in the AoE get frozen for 6 seconds.

5. Power Surge

The fifth ability that we recommend is a basic ability from the Chaos category. We do love the Chaos abilities and so do a large majority of players from my experience. The Chaos Surge is an important ability as it removes any debuff that might be impacting you while also shielding you and your allies. It also boosts the movement and attack speed by 25% till the shield is active. This is not an ability you can unlock at the start as it requires you to travel to the Silverlight Hills and beat Azariel the Sunbringer.

Best Defensive/Offensive Magic Abilities in V Rising

While there are quite a few abilities that offer both defense and offense, there is none as useful as the Chaos Barrier. When timed correctly, the Chaos Shield can protect you from most projectiles and ranged attacks while sending the attack back to the enemy dealing a large amount of damage. This magic ability increases your movement speed by 10% and protects you from attacks from the front for 2 seconds. Launches any projectiles thrown towards the barrier back to the enemy dealing 75% damage.

So, these are the best V Rising magic abilities that can be used in PvP as well as PvE. Check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play the game.  

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