All Achievements and Trophies in Forspoken

 All Achievements and Trophies in Forspoken

Forspoken is out for PlayStation and PC players, and now you can unlock various achievements and trophies while playing the game. There are tons of areas to explore and new mechanics to learn, so there is plenty to do in the game. In this guide, we will take a look at all the achievements and trophies you can claim in Forspoken. 

All Achievements and Trophies in Forspoken

There are 54 Trophies and Achievements to collect in Forspoken, and within those, there is 1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 7 Silver, and  44 Bronze. Below are all the trophies and achievements you can collect in Forspoken.

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Achievement/ TrophyDescriptionLevel
ForspokenUnlock all trophies/achievements in the game.Platinum
AbominizerDefeat four abominationsGold
ArchivistUnlock 80% of the ArchiveGold
AwakeningLay waste to a great evil for the sake of humankind – Complete all 12 ChaptersSilver
Pilgrimage: AdeptVisit fifty monuments.Silver
Explorer: TrailblazerVisit 100 points of interest.Silver 
Call of the Fount: BeatifiedGet the 12 Spells from all Founts of Blessing Silver
ParagonLearn every spell.Silver
Kit and CaboodleAcquire all EquipmentSilver
Through the Eyes of Another: VisionaryComplete all flashback collectible challenges at Monuments to Wisdom.Silver
Through the Eyes of Another: EmpathComplete your first flashback collectible challenge at a Monument to Wisdom.Bronze
Through the Eyes of Another: SeerComplete flashback collectible challenges at 10 Monuments to Wisdom.Bronze
AttachmentsAcquire a mysterious golden bracelet at the end of Chapter 1Bronze
StuckJourney through a beautiful but deadly other world. Unlocks after Chapter 2Bronze
The InterloperSwear vengeance on a deadly foe. Unlocks after Chapter 3Bronze
What Must Be DoneSurvive a nightmarish ordeal. Unlocks after Chapter 4Bronze
Might and MainEmerge victorious from a showdown taking place in a great fortress. Unlocks after Chapter 5Bronze
Damned If You DoTaste the sweetness of peace and the bitterness of disaster. Unlocks after Chapter 6Bronze
The Hue of BlueSubmit yourself to otherworldly justice. Unlocks after Chapter 7Bronze
The Truth Will OutEmerge victorious from a trial that will end all trials. Unlocks after Chapter 8Bronze
Breaking PointLearn a hard truth, and accept a harder one. Unlocks after Chapter 9Bronze
None the WiserEmerge victorious from a conflicted twisted reality. Unlocks after Chapter 10Bronze
ForspokenHold the fate of the world in your hands. Unlocks after Chapter 11 and choosing the Left PortalBronze
RebirthSee to the needs of the people of Cipal by completing the Detour “Cipal Reborn” side questBronze
PromisesMake a promise to someone very special by completing the Detour “Lost Lullabies” side questBronze
MovesEarn the praise of the mighty Pilo with your dancing by completing the side quests Dancing in Cipal: Encore and Dancing in Cipal: FinaleBronze
RemembranceSay a complete set of remembrances to the departed.Bronze
A Roaring TradeTrade poppets for all available items.Bronze
OutdoorspersonSet up camp.Bronze
Pilgrimage: InitiateVisit your first monument.Bronze
Pilgrimage: NoviceVisit 20 monuments.Bronze
Explorer: SeekerVisit 10 points of interest.Bronze
Explorer: PathfinderVisit 50 points of interest.Bronze
Unlocked PotentialSpend mana to learn a spell for the first time.Bronze
Realized PotentialLearn all the spells that can be learned.Bronze
Call of the Fount: BaptizedAcquire magical powers for the first time from the Fount of Blessing.Bronze
TinkererCraft an item for the first time.Bronze
CraftspersonCraft a healing item as well as two original pieces of Frey’s equipment.Bronze
Hop, Step, JumpPerform five Shimmies in a row.Bronze
Hell of a RunPerform magic parkour for twenty continuous seconds Bronze
Endless RunnerTravel a total of 100 km/ 62 miles using magic parkour.Bronze
I Can Fly!Use Float to stay airborne for 10 secondsBronze
LeapfroggerJump over enemies 10 times.Bronze
Tit for TatPerform ten precision counters.Bronze
No MercyPerform 30 Killer Blows.Bronze
Knock ‘Em DeadFinish three or more enemies using a single blast of Surge Magic.Bronze
Help Me Out HereUse the Disperse spell 3 times in a single battle.Bronze
WildfireDefeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect using Sila’s magic.Bronze
ShockerElectrocute three enemies at once.Bronze
From Every AngleUse all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle.Bronze
Barely ThereHide for 10 seconds Bronze
Cat PersonBefriend all of Tantas’ familiars.Bronze
Happy SnapperShow the pictures taken at various photo spots to the children.Bronze
Above and BeyondUpgrade all your spells.Bronze

That’s all there is to know about all achievements and trophies in Forspoken. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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