How to Get Wild Musk in Forspoken

 How to Get Wild Musk in Forspoken

Forspoken is one of the most anticipated games of the year, released on 24th January 2023. Since players have played the demo of the game, they have become excited about the game’s official version and jumped into it as soon as it was released. Like every other action-adventure game, Forspoken also has lots of things to find, and Wild Musk is one of them. This guide will help players know how to get Wild Musk in Forspoken.

Wild Musk Location in Forspoken- Where to Get?

If you are a fan of action-adventure games, you are aware that the crafting system plays a significant role in these games. Similarly, in Forspoken, the crafting system is the key element in the game that helps players to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment. In Forspoken, the crafting system unlocks early, but players must find the required crafting materials to craft and upgrade things.

Wild Musk is one of the crafting materials players can find in the game, and players need it to craft and upgrade certain equipment. If you have been playing the game, you have already got the point that the world of Forspoken is massive, and the crafting materials are not equally spawned. While some of them are easily found, there are some items, like the Wild Musk, that are challenging to locate.

If you have been looking for Wild Musk, let me tell you this item is a rare item that randomly spawns in the chests and sometimes in Labyrinths. The more you progress through the game, the more chests you discover in different locations. Search these chests to see if they have Wild Musk. Generally, it comes in a set of three. Getting three Wild Musk is enough for an upgrade, so you don’t need to desperately search for them.

Wild Musk Location in Forspoken- Where to Get

Once you complete Detour, use Cuff Scan to reveal the chests in a certain area and search them to get Wild Musk. However, if you are unaware of Detour, you can check our guide on it for detailed information- WHAT ARE DETOURS IN FORSPOKEN.

Once you get enough Wild Musk, you can start with the equipment upgrading process. Check the amount of Wild Musk you have in your inventory by visiting the Resources section.

That’s all you need to know about the Wild Musk location in Forspoken. Though it is challenging to find, still better than some other materials.


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