How to Beat Forspoken Tanta Prav Boss Fight

 How to Beat Forspoken Tanta Prav Boss Fight

Forspoken is the latest RPG game released today on PC via Steam and PS5. The game is about Frey, A New Yorker who got transported into the world of Athia. 

Frey now has magical abilities and with the use of equipment like Necklace, Cloaks and Nails has access to more abilities and weapons. The world of Athia is vast and contains many dungeons, monuments and bosses to conquer. 

In this guide, you will know how to beat Tanta Prav Boss in Forspoken, one of the bosses in the world of Athia. 

How to defeat Tanta Prav Boss?

Before you get to the Tanta Prav, there are 3 waves of enemies that need to be defeated before Tanta Prav shows herself. The waves are the trial of water that Tanta Prav presented before Frey to overcome.

After you complete the trail of water, the Tanta Prav shows herself and she is not her usual calm side, but she is showing her rage and determination to execute Frey. She has a total of 3 phases that players need to clear. 

  1. First Phase

Tanta Prav starts the battle as she is flying into the area. Her main attack is a beam of water which can deal a good amount of damage to you. Just before she attacks you with a strong beam of water, she needs to charge and that’s your moment to attack her.  Even after her charging phase is done, she will attack with the beam but you can dodge that by going around her and delivering the finishing blow. 

  1. Second Phase

Probably the easiest phase of the fight, Prav will be angry about her defeat in the first phase and will start rambling while attacking the ceiling with ice spears. You can attack her continuously in this phase and after some time you will see many ice spears above your head and that’s your queue to be ready to dodge. After dodging the ice spears or just using the screen ability of Frey. After that continue attacking and deliver the finishing blow which will fully heal Frey for the final phase. 

  1. Final Phase

At the start of the final phase, Prav will grab Frey and throw her into the arena where we first started. You need to swim to the platform before Prav starts attacking, Prav will fly very fast and start attacking you with ice spears and she will start charging her beam of water from the first phase but this time you won’t have time to attack. 

The player needs to dodge the water beam and start attacking her with Blast Slice spears. As you start inflicting damage on her she can try to trap you in a water bubble but you can get out of it by using the Arc Slice attack. Prav will also use attacks like Ice spear which hit the middle of the platform and start spreading but you can dodge this attack by changing the platform and other similar attacks. 

Players will have many different attacks but it is recommended that players use distance attacks.  You need to keep attacking and dodging until you will be able to deliver the finishing blow to her. 

After Frey defeats Tanta Prav, she will absorb the power of Tanta Prav and now Frey can also use ice and water-based magic. You will also get access to gravity magic just like Prav. 

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Tanta Prav boss in Forspoken. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news.

Shubham Chaurasia

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