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Why the Archons Will Stand the Test of Time in Genshin Impact

Why the Archons Will Stand the Test of Time in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Archon characters are some of the strongest or most versatile playable characters in the game. Every Archon character has long been part of the Meta and will likely never go out of relevance. While some of them may keep drifting in and out of use, they eventually always come back to be as useful as they were at the beginning of the game (Venti).

Genshin Impact’s Handling of Archon Characters

The Archons in Genshin are the gods of their respective elements and thus epitomize all the core concepts of their respective elements. Geo stands for stubborn, reliable, and rock-solid just like Zhongli. Anemo is the element of freedom and control which is personified by Venti. Electro is the element of energy which is epitomized by Raiden. 

The Archon characters are intentionally designed to be top-tier support units as even though DPS units may be powercrept in the future, support units will always be relevant and useful in most teams. 

Zhongli makes your need for Healers disappear as your team hardly ever takes damage. Players have even claimed how Zhongli made them objectively bad at the game as they’ve forgotten to dodge since they just tank everything with his shield

Venti’s meme says he makes Genshin easy-mode which is true for early and mid-game players where most enemies are mobs that can be lifted with his skill and burst and simply killed with his Swirls and element infusion. He also makes puzzles and exploration easy with his E skill giving him a free upward air current wherever he wants.

Raiden Shogun serves as a reaction enabler and an energy battery for your whole team to the point you can theoretically just spam character elemental bursts one after the other with only a few seconds of downtime.

All of these Archon characters also serve the role of a sub-dps with their powerful bursts which take out most enemies in the game by the time they end. Their versatility, flexible team-building and synergy are what makes them broken units in the game. With the upcoming region of Sumeru and the Dendro element in Version 3.0, players can finally look forward to meeting the Dendro Archon in the Archon Quests and await her release as a playable character in the future Sumeru updates.

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