What Happens When You Are Out of Bounds in Apex Legends Season 13

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Apex Legends Season 13 has gone live just two days ago, and players are already praising the new season for the new features it has brought. Like every new season, this latest season of Apex Legends has also brought a lot of new changes to the game; even the way the Out of Bounds zones work has been changed.

This guide will help you know about the Out of Bound Zones and what changes the Apex Legends Season 13 has brought to it.

Out of Bounds has been Changed in Apex Legends Season 13- Explained

If you have played Apex Legends before, Out of Bounds is nothing new for you, but if you haven’t ever played any Apex Legends game, let me tell you about the Out of Bound Zone. Out of Bounds is the message alert that you receive when you go out of your restricted playing zone. But there is no problem with shooting bullets or throwing grenades, even if you are in an Out of Bounds area. But because the zone is not included as a battleground, you need to leave the zone as fast as possible.

But as soon as the Season 13 of Apex Legends has gone live, things have changed a lot. This new season has brought lots of changes to the Out of Bounds zone. Below we are listing the changes brought to this zone-

  1. Legend Abilities won’t work in these zones.
  2. Passive abilities will also not work.
  3. Weapons and Grenades can no longer be used in the Out of Bounds areas.
  4. Survival items will not work in these zones.
  5. Players can’t heal themselves while in an Out of Bounds zone.

With these prohibitions and restrictions, these Out of Bounds zones become almost useless in Season 13 because players can’t use them to form strategy. Players are not happy with these changes, but there is nothing they can do. With these new restrictions, if a team is stuck in an Out of Bound zone by mistake, it’ll be hard for them to get out of that area as they will become helpless because none of their weapons or equipment will work. This is also a thing that the players are worried about.

That’s all you need to know about the changes Apex Legends Season 13 has brought in the Out of Bounds Zones. If you are curious to know about the changes, check out our guide for the required information.

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