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Apex Legends Mil-Spec Bangalore Skin Crashes the Game

Apex Legends Mil spec Bangalore Skin Crashes the Game

No game is without bugs, and Apex Legends is no exception. Just until recently, players of the popular FPS have come across a bug that crashes the game entirely.

While on the character selection screen, if the players select Bangalore, the screen turns white and shows an error, making them unable to select the character and play further.

The bug was first reported by u/ConnerTheCrusader on Reddit. They posted a short clip of what happened to them when they selected Bangalore in Apex Legends.

It was also noted that this only happened to Bangalore when her Mil-Spec Skin was equipped. Some players have said that the crash has something to do with the new skin animation.

Her new skin was unveiled on January 4th, which coincided with the time Apex Legends started crashing while selecting her.

Luckily, Respawn was quick to reply, as they have posted a tweet as well as a reply to the Reddit thread.

The only plus point to take away from here is that even after the crash, you can just start up the game as you would and play it from where you left it. It does not cause any hindrance to your gameplay.

The Mil-Spec skin was made in honor of the new episode, Stories from the Outlands. If you still wish to play with Bangalore, just simply remove the Mil-Spec skin and continue playing as usual. Even if your teammate has the skin equipped, you can resume the match from where it was before the crash.

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