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EA Acknowledges the Issue of Treasure Pack Rewards in Apex Legends

EA acknowledges the issue of Treasure Pack Rewards in Apex Legends

Previously there have been some problems in the Apex Legends community, about how players are having issues related to claiming the rewards in the Treasure Packs.

This isn’t a relatively new problem, rather it has been around for several months now. It hasn’t been specifically only for Treasure Packs, but for challenge rewards as well.

After opening the Treasure Packs, players have not received anything at all or only received some of the items. Some players have even explored the support website to find out more, but it was a dead end.

Rewards often include new skins, XP, and other items that help players to rank up, hence not getting any is a major letdown.

One player even took it to the EA community forum and got a response from one of the staff. They have stated that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it after compiling all the evidence against the bug. It has not yet been officially confirmed if there is a fix and when, but probably fans can expect one sometime shortly. If you liked this you can check out our other gaming news like the Raiders Collection Event Bug in Apex Legends is Getting Sorted Out and also how they might get to disable toxic players soon. 

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