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Apex Legends Season 13 has gone live just two days ago, and like every other season, it also has brought numerous changes to almost every aspect of the game. Though players are also happy with this new season, some complain that the game’s downloading is stuck and can’t progress further.

It is not a new thing that an update of a game shows bugs and errors since its launch. The Season 13 update of Apex Legends is a large update that has brought several new features and fixed bugs, but still, it has some bugs to be fixed, and this game download stuck is one of them.

This guide will try to give you some possible solutions to this problem that may help you solve this bug.

Fix Apex Legends Season 13 Download Stuck Bug- How to Do?

Apex Legends is a popular game worldwide, and the fans have dived into the game since the new update has gone live. This Apex Legends Season 13 download stuck is not a problem that one or two users are facing; instead, a lot of players are facing the same problem while trying to download the game on Steam and Origin.

Well, though the problem sounds complicated, it’s actually not. There are a few fixes available to solve this problem, and maybe one will work for you. Below, we list down the fixes available for the Apex Legends Season 13 Stuck at download-

Restart Your PC

This is the common method you should try. Though a little bit surprising, it works almost every time. If you find the downloading of your game is stuck and not progressing further, close Steam, Origin, etc., where you are downloading the game, and then restart your PC. Once your PC is restarted, launch the Steam or Origin and try to download the game again.

Pause the Download

This is the easiest way to fix this bug. Players, whenever they face this problem, cancel the download and restart it from the beginning. But that’s not what you should do. Instead of canceling the download process, pause it when it is stuck and then wait for the download speed to come to 0. Once it comes to 0, resume the downloading process. This can be applied to Steam, Origin, EA Play, and every platform you use.

Check the Anti-virus of your PC

If the two above-mentioned methods don’t solve your problem, then it may be an issue with your anti-virus protection. To check it, follow the below steps-

Windows Security App> Virus and Threat Protection> Manage Settings> Exclusion> Add or remove exclusions> Add exclusions> Select Folder> add Steamapp folders or Origin folder (where you download Origin games)> Pause the download on Steam or Origin> Restart it.

These are the general fixes that should work for both Steam and Origin users, but there is another thing that Origin users can try if none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you. Follow the below steps-

Create a file on Desktop> type [Connection]



                                                  CdnOverride=akamai> click on ‘File’ on the top left> Save as> Save as type should be ‘All Files’> name it as ‘EACore.ini’> Save.

Once you are done, a new file named EACore will appear on your desktop. Launch Origin and start downloading the game again. We hope this time your download won’t stop in the middle.

These are the fixes to solve the Apex Legends Season 13 download stuck bug. We hope one of these fixes will work for you if you face the same problem while downloading the game.

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