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Apex Legends: Error Code 2737 Crashes Game, Possibly Due to L-Star and Bocek Bow

Apex Legend error code 2737

Apex Legends has its fair share of bugs to conquer. Though some issues have been fixed officially, most players still come across some bug or issue on a day-to-day basis. Recently players are complaining of the game crashing unexpectedly and issuing the error code 2737. In this guide, we will see what it means and how to avoid it in Apex Legends.

What is Error Code 2737 in Apex Legends?

The latest error code to hit Apex Legends has been reported by players to be code 2737. Initially, it boggled players on why their game crashed unexpectedly mid-game. Reddit users have come together after experiencing the same issue and concluded that the problem stemmed from picking up the L-Star and Bocek Bow during the game.

Some players speculated that it might be because the L-Star and the Bocek Bow are the only two weapons in the game that start with zero ammo, while other weapons at least have 1 full clip loaded. Also, this problem is not limited to only the main campaign mode but is seen in the practice mode as well.

So far there is no official fix to the issue, but there are some ways you can avoid crashing your game.

  • Do not use the L-Star or Bocek Bow in the game till the issue is fixed
  • If you need to use the above two weapons, then get its ammo first to load it in or get the weapon then quickly find its ammo.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game to fix any broken system files and caches.
  • Let the game crash and log back in again as soon as possible to avoid getting kicked out.
  • Play as Loba so you can use her “Black Market” ability to get the weapons along with the ammo

Respawn Entertainment has not come up with a solution for this problem yet, so till they do you can try the above tips to help you play the game. That’s all there is to know about Error Code 2737 and how to avoid it in Apex Legends. If you liked this then you can check out our other gaming guides.

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