All Weapon Nerfs and Buffs in Apex Legends Season 13

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Apex Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play battle royales by Respawn Entertainment and was initially released in 2019. Several updates have come throughout these years, and it is basically the developers’ strategy to refresh the game, so the players don’t lose interest in the game. Every update brings new features to the game, and this recent Season 13 update is not an exception.

This guide will discuss the buffs and nerfs the new season has brought to the weapons of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 13- Buffs and Nerfs Full List

The new Season 13 of Apex Legends has been launched on 10th May 2022, and like every other season, it has also brought several changes in every category of the game, especially in the weapon category. This season has nerfed some potential weapons and also boosted some weapons. Below we are giving the complete list of buffed and nerfed weapons in Apex Legends Season 13.

Weapon NameBuffed/ NerfedDescription
Mozambique and Peacekeeper ShotgunsBuffedDamage to the limbs has been increased to 1.0.
Mastiff ShotgunBuffedFire rate increased to 1.2Pellet damage increased to 14Single magazine ammo has been reduced to 4
Rampage LMGNerfedIncreased reload time to 3.1Improved handling time
Kraber Sniper RifleNerfedBullet damage reduced to 140Damage multiplier for headshot has been reduced to 2.0
Havoc RifleBuffedRecoil improved
LSTAR LMGNerfedDamage multiplier for headshot has been reduced to 1.5The cooldown timer has been increased to 3.6The headshot distance is reduced to 57 meters
Spitfire LMGNerfedThe barrel attach capacity is removedReload time has been increased to 3.4Damage multiplier for headshot has been reduced to 1.5Bullet damage has been reduced to 18Headshot distance has been reduced to 57 meters.Handling time is reduced
Devotion LMGNerfedDamage multiplier for headshot has been reduced to 1.5Bullet damage reduced to 15Reload is nerfed to 2.8Headshot distance is also nerfed to 57 metersHandling time is reduced.

These are the buffed and nerfed weapons available in Apex Legends Season 13 update. If you are curious to know about the weapons and the changes they have gone through, check out our guide for relevant information.

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