Fix Apex Legends Can’t Ready Up | Unable to Ready Up

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

The Apex Legends can’t ready up issue has been a recurring problem with the game. It has happened in the past and currently players are experiencing the issue. It’s likely you will face the unable to ready up problem in the future as well. So, it’s worth you know the fix for the problem. As you cannot ready up, you are unable to join a match. The cause of the bug is unknown and can pop up at random at any point of play. Fortunately, there are some workaround that can resolve the problem. Scroll below to know what you can do about it.

Fix Apex Legends Can’t Ready Up | Unable to Ready Up

You can’t ready up in Apex Legends because the game says, ‘party not ready’ and since the party is not ready you cannot proceed to the next round, instead the game goes in a loop and keeps returning you to the game mode selection menu.

The temporary solution to the problem is to leave your current party and rejoin. However, that’s hardly a solution as you cannot restart the game every time.

Here are some workaround you can try to fix the issue.

  1. (For PS4) Push the Setting button when in Lobby, push the touch button and exit to the main screen, and attempt to connect. This help you from quitting the game every time you see the Apex Legends can’t ready up error.
  2. Don’t jump into the next match immediately, give it some time before you join another match. For some reason, doing this helps you avoid the bug.
  3. Maybe the problem is with the local client being unready, leave the match and rejoin the party.
  4. If nothing has worked, exit the game completely and re-launch it.

Apex Legends developers for some reason have failed to address the can’t ready up problem even though it’s been happening for over an year. The matchmaking issue seems to only impact party based games. The most effective solution for the problem is to restart the game completely, but that can be bothersome sometimes so try the other solutions.

Additionally, if the servers are down or experiencing some problem, you won’t be able to ready up, so that’s an area you need to check. You can use a website such as Downdetector to find out the status of the servers in your region.    

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