Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Season 13

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Apex Legends Season 13 is now live, and the crowd it attracted is more than expected. Like every season, the new season has brought several changes and fixed a lot of bugs. This season has significantly altered a lot of features of the game. One of the essential things to decide in Apex Legends is the best Landing Spots for players, and Apex Legends Season 13 is not an exception.

This guide will help you know about the best landing spots in Apex Legends Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 – What are the Best Landing Spots

Landing Spots are the most important places, to begin with. These are the places where players will get the loot to go into the match and face the opponents. Also, these are the safe areas where players don’t have much risk of getting killed. Below we are listing down some of the best drop points in Apex Legends Season 13

Blue Rings

Blue Rings are the finest spots to drop as these areas contain high-tier and rare loot. If you can locate these areas on your map before landing from the dropship and get the loot, you can be the champion; at least, there is a high chance to become a champion.


Barometer is another place to land. It is a safe place having epic weapons and high-tier loots. These loots are generally hidden inside the buildings and outer edges of that area. Also, there are a lot of places to hide in this area if you find a lot of players are landing in Barometer.

Hammond Labs

Hammond Labs is another excellent place to drop. These labs are always filled up with high-tier loot, and the amount is also enough for a team of three. But the only problem is, you need to face enemies here. Because it is located at the center of the Olympus map, players will get enemies to fight with.

Cenote Cave

Cenote Cave is one of the best places to land as it has the great loot and has some excellent escape routes. There are buildings inside the cave that contains blue and purple tier loot. But there also, you have a chance to face enemies, but you can escape safely without being shot.

Except for these four locations, there are some more landing spots on the Storm Point map in Apex Legends Season 13- The Wall, Antenna, Lighting Road, and The Mill. Players can check out these locations as well if they are playing the game. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, go through our guide to get the relevant information.

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