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Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Stuck at Infinite Loading Screen – Are Servers Down

Fix Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Infinite Loading Screen

With every new season in Apex Legends, the initial few days is a struggle with bugs and errors. Given the large number of players that play the game, issues such as these are expected. The most irritating problem of them all is the Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy infinite loading screen. Players who attempted to jump into the game are finding them stuck at the loading screen without any progress. As such, players are wondering are the Apex Legends servers down and what can they do to fix the current issue. Stick around and we will share all you need to know about the issue including the response from Respawn Entertainment.   

Apex Legends Stuck at Infinite Loading Screen in Season 9 Legacy

The infinite loading screen in Apex Legends is not the first time the issue has emerged. In fact, you will encounter the issue at some point after every new Season update. Under most cases, it’s a server issue. Hundreds of millions of players play the game and after a recent season update, even the occasional users jump to attempt the game. This puts unusual demand on the servers which can cause it to glitch and malfunction.

Respawn has acknowledged an issue with the servers, while not specifically the infinite loading screen, but it could be related. The Tweet stated, “We’re working through some service issues in @playapex at the moment die to high demand.” The last update was 3 hours ago in the same thread, which acknowledges there are still certain issues with the game.

Here is the Tweet you can follow.

If the servers are fine and you are still getting the Apex Legends Stuck at Infinite Loading Screen, it’s worth a shot to power cycle the router and the device you are playing on. Simply restart everything and attempt to play the game again. Often times, issues like these occur after a recent update that may resolve after a simple reboot of the devices.

Rest assured, this is a temporary issue and the problem should resolve within the next 24 hours. Usually, Respawn Entertainment is pretty quick at addressing initial launch problems.

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