Apex Legends Season 13 Stuck at Loading Screen | Are Serves Down

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Apex Legends Season 13 has gone live two days ago and already getting a huge crowd. This new update has brought lots of new features and fixed bugs. But still, some left. Since the Season 13 of Apex Legends has launched, players are downloading the game and trying to join it to explore and experience the new season. But many players, especially PC players, face the problem that their game is stuck on the loading screen and the ‘loading’ never comes to an end.

Another thing that players are complaining about is that if they somehow pass the first loading screen, another screen says ‘No Servers found’ comes. Players are confused if it is really a bug or a server problem.

This guide will try to solve the confusion and give you a solution if it is a bug.

Fix Apex Legends Season 13 Loading Screen Stuck- What to Do?

Well, if your loading screen is stuck or you are getting the ‘No servers found’ alert, you can’t do anything because it is not at all a bug. It is a server issue. Apex Legends is a popular game worldwide, and its fanbase is also huge. Moreover, after the new Season came, players are joining the game like crazy. Because a huge number of people are trying to join the Apex Legends Servers simultaneously; servers are going down, and as a result, issues like the game being stuck on the loading screen and ‘No servers found’ appear.

The developers have already acknowledged this issue, and on the official Twitter Page, they have given the solution as well. According to them, restarting the Steam or Origin will solve the problem, and players won’t lose any Ranked Points. Since it is not a bug or a glitch; but a server issue, you can’t fix it. Wait for a little, and these issues will be automatically resolved as the initial crowd becomes lower.

That’s all you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 13 stuck at the loading screen. This kind of server-down issue is not new. It happens with online games often after they release. However, if you are also trying to join the Apex Legends Season 13 server and facing the same problem again and again, check out our guide for required information.

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