All Ranked Changes in Apex Legends Season 13

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Apex Legends Season 13 is already live, and players have dived into the game to explore all new features. This new season has brought a wide range of new things for the players, which include the change in the Ranked Experience. Players are excited about the changes in the Ranked Experience, and these changes will alter a lot of things for the players.

This guide will help you know about the changes Apex Legends Season 13 has brought to the Ranked Experience.

Ranked Experience Changed in Apex Legends Season 13- Explained

Apex Legends Season 13 has brought a lot of changes to almost every aspect of the game. When the patch notes of the update came out, it listed several changes but probably, the most interesting ones are the changes applied in the Ranked Experience of the game. below we are listing all the new changes brought to Ranked Experience of Season 13

Entry Cost

Among the other changes, one of the biggest is the entry cost. Previously, queueing for a match didn’t cost anything from the players, but with this new update, players need to pay a fixed amount of RP per match. Also, before, the Bronze was the only free level, but now it is also not free.

Kill RP Cap

Another major change is the removal of kill RP Cap. Previously, in Ranked Experience, players used to get to one upper limit of kills where they don’t get RP anymore. Now, this system has been modified, and initially, the value becomes less/kill, and as you and your team progress, you’ll get more RP.

Third-Party Kill Stealing Modified

This is another massive change. Previously, players could involve in an already going fight and kill all the members of both the winning and losing squad, while most of the players of the losing team were killed by the previously winning squad. This way, they get RP for killing all the members of these two teams. With this new update, even if you do this, you won’t get RP- to be more precise, neither the first winning team nor your team will get the RP.

Tier Demotions

Tier Demotion is another significant change that comes to the Ranked Experience. Now, players need to perform much better as they rank up. With this feature, if you lose 3 matches after promoting to a higher tier, you’ll be demoted to the lower one. Once demoted to the low tier, your RP value will also be reduced to 50% of the previous tier.

RP Threshold

The RP Threshold for each tier has been adjusted, and the length is increased by 200 RP for each tier or division.

These are the changes that come to the Ranked Experience in Apex Legends Season 13. If you are looking for a guide to know about the new changes you’ll get in the Ranked Experience of Apex Legends, check out our guide for help.

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