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Apex Legends: Raiders Collection Event Bug is Getting Sorted Out

Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Bug is Getting Sorted OutApex Legends Raiders Collection Event Bug is Getting Sorted Out

Apex Legends has launched its newest, pirate-themed collection event to the online FPS game, aptly called Raiders, but fans are having issues with the progression system.

Some players have complained that because the progression system has a bug, they are not receiving any rewards from the Raiders event.

The bug activates when the player is attempting to play this particular event, which hinders progression. The progress counter doesn’t change the score even after players attempt the game multiple times.

Some players have even said that they do not receive any rewards even though they have attained the points for it.

Recently in an EA Community Forum, after fans have taken it upon their board, the manager has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and they are looking into it.

This issue has also been confirmed by Respawn on their official Twitter handle.

They have confirmed that player progress is being tracked and items will be awarded accordingly.

There hasn’t been any other update after that, but players of Apex Legends can rest assured that the issue is being tackled currently and the progression bug will be fixed soon.

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