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Apex Legends Might Soon Get a Feature to Disable Toxic Players

Apex Legends Might Soon Get a Feature to Disable Toxic Players

Though it has not been officially implemented or even confirmed by Respawn Entertainment, the FPS game Apex Legends might eventually get a feature to filter out toxic players from the game.

A reliable data miner who goes by the name @KarlRindo has recently leaked some files that suggest there will be some never-before-seen, anti-toxic fix coming to the game soon.

According to the source, the Chat Filter “Determines which players to receive text and voice chat from. Players who don’t pass the filter test will be automatically muted”.

Toxic players have been a hot topic amongst most of the gaming community. Developers have been trying to implement some way to combat the issue, but so far only censoring, reporting, and blocking the obscene player are the only ways to get rid of someone who violates the game rules. Many players have been trying to get some additional changes implemented.

With this new feature, gamers can have some hope since there will be an option to mute players automatically, which is a huge step in the right path to bring down the toxic gaming environment.

Apex Legends players now have something to look forward to that will bring a positive change in the game. Hopefully, this feature will be recognized officially and implemented soon, so players can enjoy a more fruitful gaming experience.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can still change your chat settings in Steam itself to censor obscene words. All you have to do is:

  • Access Steam and click on your Steam account name.
  • Click Store Preferences.
  • Go to Community Content Preferences.
  • Go to Chat Filtering to choose your preferred option.

You can customize this setting for friends’ messages too by enabling or disabling the “Don’t filter from Steam Friends” option. You can also add any word of your choice in the Additional Custom Filter.

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