V Rising – Use of Silver Coins at End Game – The Final Merchant Trading Process Explained

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V Rising has numerous resources like other survival games, and players need to collect them during their journey as these resources will be required to craft or build some necessary items, weapons, or equipment. Silver is a unique resource in the game as it is an essential resource; also harmful to Vampires. You may die while carrying silver ore.

Silver Coins are also essential to trade with the merchants. Therefore, no matter how harmful they are, you can’t avoid Silver. This guide will help you know how you can use silver coins to purchase items for the end game of V Rising.

How to Trade with the Last Merchant in End Game – How to Use Silver Coins?

In V Rising, silver is one of those resources you will find in some particular locations, and those areas are also surrounded by high-level enemies. Therefore, it’s not at all safe to roam around there while you are at a low level. Silver coins can be collected by looting chests, defeating bosses, and looting the corpses. You can use the silver coins to purchase cosmetic items like Unique Amulet or Sanguine Weapons for the End Game Tier 3 sets.

The final merchant of the game is located inside a house at Brighthaven Slums. This area is not at all easy to reach, you need to increase your silver resistance, so you won’t die before you reach the merchant. Additionally, you have to defeat a large group of enemies to access the final merchant.

This merchant offers numerous items to the players, from seeds to amulets- you’ll get a wide range of things in exchange for silver coins. Players can get a Major Explosive Box for 110 silver coins, a Crown for 550 silver coins, etc. Other items you can get from him are Highland Lotus Seeds, Flawless Gemstones, Ghost Shroom Spores, and Mitre. Each item requires a different quantity of Silver. But before you carry so many silver coins, make sure to increase your silver resistance.

That’s all you need to know about using the Silver Coins in the V Rising End game. If you are looking for a guide to know how to use silver coins in the End Game, check out our guide for help.

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