How to Find Merchants and Trade in V Rising

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We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the traders in V Rising, at least everything we know about them at this point. We need to keep in mind that this game is currently in its early stages and the information you can find in this might change in the future. The traders in V Rising are merchants that sell artifacts and other items. It is also possible to get items using silver coins from them and in order to purchase these items, you need to be disguised as a human. By the end, you will learn everything about the merchants and trading in the world of V Rising.

How to find the Merchants in V Rising and How to Trade in V Rising?

Traders are NPC merchants that sell items in exchange for silver coins. In order to buy anything from the traders, you need to be disguised as a human. First, let’s see how you can get the silver coins. You can find them inside the white cabinets or chests in camps. Carrying silver can make you to take damage over time. It is based on the amount of silver you are carrying, you can easily identify the debuff from the borders of your screen but other players can also see a silver effect on your sides. If you play on a PVP server, other players can clearly see you are carrying silver hence you may want to get rid of the effect from your character for which you can drop the silver. Other players can attack you on sight. You can always drop the Silver to get rid of the effect but other players can just pick it up from the ground. You can increase your resistance to silver by crafting and drinking the silver resistance portion which you can craft at the Alchemy Table. This will allow you to carry more silver before you start to take damage over time and you will need your human form for the trade which you can unlock by drinking the blood of Beatrice the Tailor whom you can find in the dawn break village. Beatrice doesn’t have any other defenses so she will constantly run away from you hence try to kill her as quickly as possible so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the guards while running around to kill Beatrice.

As with other forms, taking damage will break the form that’s why having enough silver resistance to be able to carry the Silver while remaining in the form is required. Now, that we have the silver coin, human form, and some resistance to silver. All we need is to find the trader. We have found two different traders as of now and there might even be more of them. One is at a fixed location so you can always find him there and the other one is a traveling trader who roams around.

The traveling trader is called “Berk The Traveling Trader”. The location he can be found in is the Dunley Farmlands near Dawnbreak village. The items the traveling trader sells are as follows:

  • Deer Head.
  • Wolf Head.
  • Bear Head.
  • Blood Rose Potion.
  • Garlic Resistance Potion.
  • Holy Resistance Potion.
  • Sunflower Seeds.
  • Regular Gemstones.

The other trader can be found in the Brighthaven Slums inside a house. His name is “Ottar the Merchant” and he sells the following items:

  • Ashfolk Helmet.
  • Mitre.
  • Ghost Shroom Spores.
  • Highland Lotus Seeds.
  • Major Explosive Box.
  • Flawless Gemstones.

These are the merchants or traders that you can find in V Rising to trade items with.

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