V Rising Maja the Dark Savant Location and How to Beat

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V Rising brings new areas and new bosses to find and defeat, and one of the bosses you can meet is Maja the Dark Savant. Defeating Maja will help unlock the Veil of Illusion spell, the Study, and the Scroll. Finding and defeating her can get a bit tricky, so if you are having a hard time, you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to find and defeat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising

V Rising Maja the Dark Savant Location and How to Beat

Maja the Dark Savant takes shelter in a library and uses the books available to protect herself. Here we will see how to find and defeat Maja in V Rising.

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Maja the Dark Savant location in V Rising

You can find this Level 47 boss in a library tucked away inside the Forbidden Tower, Farbane Woods. She is not too hard to find, and once you enter the tower you can spot her

How to Beat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising

Maja is a tough boss to deal with, as she attacks using plenty of AoE and ranged spells. Bringing her down depends on the right timing and your attack abilities

  • She takes cover behind an enormous book shield and is mostly a static boss
  • Her attacks include several rows of paper that can destroy anything in its path, and summon an army of ink demons
  • She can also transport herself to a different location when her health is low
  • Maja can fire a paper blast when you get too close to her, which can push you back.
  • To make up for her extremely slow speed, she will send her ink demons to deal damage. 
  • If you get close, she will summon her rows of paper to attack you and also use her wand to push you back
  • Your first line of action is to avoid the paper trail and the ink demons by running around the area
  • When Maja is within your line of sight, use ranged spell attacks to bring her down
  • The best time to attack her up close is when she has her book open in front of her. You can get behind her and deal damage. 
  • Even if the ink demons are chasing after you, keep running and deal as much damage to Maja as you can
  • Her book can summon and heal the ink demons as well as herself by 20 HP, so you should defeat her quickly
  • Working in a team can help you with that. While you deal with Maja, your teammate can defeat the ink demons and keep them at bay

With high-level gear and the right weapons and spells, you can quickly tackle Maja the Dark Savant. If you like this guide you can check out our other V Rising guides as well.

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