Where and How to Find Bosses in V Rising

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You have just started playing V Rising and you want to find some bosses because you are bored of killing the small fries and want to go big. Well, let me tell you that you can definitely find a few bosses in V Rising, and killing those bosses or as they are known the V Blood Carriers, after killing them, you will get their abilities which will take you to the next level and level you up. So yes, finding the V blood Carriers or the bosses and killing them will definitely help you in your gameplay going forward so read through, and we will tell you where and how can you find the bosses in V Rising.

How to find Bosses in V Rising?

To find all the bosses in V Rising you must build and use a Blood Altar.  you can build a blood altar using 180 stones and turn off the blood SMS but first, you will need to complete the getting ready for the hunt quest.  in order to complete this Quest, you must

  •  Construct and interact with a Sawmill
  •  Construct and interact with the Simple Workbench.
  •  Increase your gear level to 15.

This will unlock the crafting blueprint for the blood altar in the dominant section of the production tab in the building menu. After you have constructed the blood altar you have to interact with it in order to find a list of V Blood Carriers who are the bosses in V Rising.  the list is very long but you will only be able to see the ones which are on your level as you keep upgrading your gear and become more powerful you will be greeted with more powerful bosses to defeat.

In order to track a boss in V Rising simply select that particular boss in the blood alter and then exit the menu after that start working around.  within a few moments, you will see a red stretch from your character in a particular direction and it will continue to vanish and reappear every few seconds but you have to follow it continuously in the direction of this particular blood trail as you travel to find the boss and reach it finally.

The Blood Altar will only show you the bosses which are on your level and the ones which you can defeat with your current gear. Once you upgrade your gear new bosses will start to appear in the blood altar and so you can just go to the bosses, kill them and absorb their powers.

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