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Sniper Elite 5 is the Rebellion Developments’ latest third-person tactical shooter game where players play as Karl, a snipe, and complete various missions and challenges throughout the game. The game was released a few days back, and initially, the players are satisfied with the game, and the fifth installment is getting positive reviews. But one thing that players have noticed is that the Sniper Elite 5 is still showing “Coming Soon” on Epic Games Store.

This guide will discuss why Sniper Elite 5 is not available in Epic Games Store.

Is Sniper Elite 5 Available on Epic Games Store?

If you have the same question, the answer is No. Currently, the game is not available in Epic Games Store. On the 26th of May, Sniper Elite 5 was released worldwide on almost every major platform, except for Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store is one of the biggest platforms to purchase games, and nearly every big title releases on Epic Games Store. Even the Sniper Elite 5 also had the plan to come to the Store as it was available for pre-order. But finally, when the game was released, it was not available on Epic Games Store. Players who did the pre-order were anxious about this issue, but the Store announced that they will refund all the money.

The reason behind it is not apparent as neither the developers of Sniper Elite 5 nor the Epic Games Store has given any reason regarding this issue. PC players get anxious because they can’t get the game from Epic Games Store. However, they can get the game from Steam. Though no official reason has been declared, and the developers only apologized and stated that because of some unavoidable reasons, the game is not on Epic Games Store at launch, but it’ll come in the future.

Many players assume that probably, it’s because of the sale that’s currently going on in Epic Games Store. According to the sale, any game that costs more than $15 can be purchased at a 25% discount, and unfortunately, Sniper Elite 5 costs more than $ 15. Therefore, players think that this is probably why the game doesn’t come on Epic Games Store. We don’t know if it’s the reason or not. If it is the reason, the game will probably come to Epic Games Store after the 16th of June.

We don’t know the exact reason, so we can’t say anything for sure. But the more platforms a new game releases, the more it’ll become popular, and it is also pretty profitable for the developers. Therefore, we hope Sniper Elite 5 will also come to Epic Games Store in the future. We’ll update you if we get further information.

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