How to Find and Beat Matthaus Ehrlich in Sniper Elite 5 – Rat Bomb

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Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person, tactical shooter game where players control the sniper, Karl Fairburne, and kill the enemies to complete missions. Mission 4: War Factory of the game wants you to kill Matthaus Ehrlich using a Rat Bomb. Matthaus Ehrlich is a well-known enemy of the game, and this guide will help you know how you can kill Ehrlich in Sniper Elite 5 using a Rat Bomb.

How to Kill Matthaus Ehrlich using Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5 & How to Find Him?

Matthaus Ehrlich has been supplying the Resistance with faulty Intel for weeks, and now the Resistance wants him to be dead. It is not a very difficult mission to find and kill Ehrlich. Once you begin Mission 4: War Factory and intend to kill Ehrlich, move towards the southwest side of the map, where you’ll find a building.

The objective of the challenge states that you need to kill him using a Rat Bomb to complete the challenge; otherwise, you can kill him, but the challenge will not be completed. So, first, collect Rat Bomb, then start the challenge. Players can collect Rat Bomb from the dresser close to the exit of the Resistance Head Quarter. Once you get Rat Bomb, head towards the location, and Ehrlich will be spotted on the southeast side of the building. Once you see him, hide well and not be seen by him; otherwise, he will be alerted.

You find three outlines of dead rats when you enter the large room. Plant your Rat Bomb there. The game will also prompt you to do it. The rat spot doesn’t affect things, so place it in any of the three. Now, blow a whistle to attract the attention of Ehrlich, and when he comes to check the dead rat, he will be blown off with the Rat Bomb, and your challenge is done.

That’s all you need to know about killing Matthaus Ehrlich using a Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5. If you are looking for a guide to get some help, check out our guide for the required information.

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