Skull Enemies Healthbar Explained in V Rising- What Do They Mean

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V Rising is a new survival game from Swedish creators Stunlock Studios that is performing rather well. The game about Dracula becoming a lumberjack to acquire enough wood to restore a castle soared up the Steam charts after debuting in Early Access, as is customary for survival games. It is now ranked seventh and has a Very Positive user review rating.

Skulls on opponent health bars indicate an enemy with a greater Gear Level than you. Skulls are commonly found on Stone Golems and other massive animals. If you happen to meet paths with skull foes, the best thing you can do is avoid them or flee.

This will protect you from being murdered because skull foes are nearly difficult to kill. You will also cause little damage if you attack, thus avoiding poking the bear is the best option. Instead, you should concentrate on increasing your Gear Level as quickly as possible. As your Gear Level increases, you will ultimately reach the same level as high-level opponents.

Always Keep an eye on an enemy’s health bar. It’s a higher level than you if it’s orange or red. If a skull appears next to its name instead of a level, it is considerably higher level than you.

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Killing Skull Enemies in V Rising

In order to destroy Skull foes, you must first boost your Gear Level in V Rising. By crafting stronger armour, weapons, and accessories, you can increase your Gear Level. Depending on the item created, this will raise your level by a set amount. 

Having said that, the following goods will increase your Gear Level to 20.

Copper Spear, Axe, or Mace16 Copper and 12 Planks
Blood Rose Ring30 Blood Rose, 80 Plant Fiber and one Bone Ring. The Bone Ring is made from 40 bones
Full Set Plated Boneguard Armour60 Animal Hide each

When you reach Gear Level 20, you should concentrate on fighting bosses and creating better equipment. You will eventually be able to combat foes such as Stone Golems and Trents as your Gear Level increases via making and earning stronger items.

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