How to Beat Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising

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Vampire survival game V Rising is achieving massive popularity since its recent release, despite being only an early access game on Steam. The game has a lot of bosses that players can defeat as they delve into the world of vampires and their enemies. Keep in mind that these monsters will become only more and more powerful as you go through them, and you will need to keep your gear and armor level up as well. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising.

How to Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising

Ungora the Spider Queen is the second boss that can be found in Cursed Forest. As they are a level 62 boss, lower level players will be crushed by them, so make sure that you are well prepared with at least level 60 gear and weapons, and have a support team on your side. Fighting with a clan is not compulsory, but it definitely helps, so you can try joining one if you haven’t already.

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You will be able to spot this horse-headed monster in the southeastern region of the Cursed Forest. They will summon spirits to attack you which you need to take out first. Make sure to avoid the glowing circles as projectiles will rain down on them. The boss will also teleport around the area and you need to be on your guard, keeping your distance as you shoot at them with a ranged weapon. As long as you dodge their attacks and stay alive, the Soultaker should be down in no time.

Once you have defeated Foulrot the Soultaker you will receive the power of Mist Trance which blocks attacks from your enemies for 1.5 seconds, and teleports them to the target location once hit. You will also unlock the recipes for Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust and Banshee.

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