How to Repair or Reforge a Shattered Weapon in Ancestral Forge in V Rising

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V Rising’s latest update Gloomrot has brought about a lot of changes to the game including means to get more powerful weapons and spells. One of ways to get powerful weapons is to find shattered weapons. Shattered weapons are weapons that were broken during the great war between humans and vampires. You can use the Ancestral Forge to reforge these weapons and they are an upgrade from your merciless weapons. In this guide, we will show you how to repair or reforge a Shattered Weapon in Ancestral Forge in V Rising.

How to Reforge a Shattered Weapon in Ancestral Forge in V Rising

If you have played the game for several hours after the update and have progressed quite a bit, taking down bosses will often drop the shattered weapons. The description of these weapons says, “The remains of a magical weapon, shattered in the great war. It cannot be repaired by normal means. Bring to an Ancestral Forge to reforge.” So, you already know that, you require the Ancestral Forge to make these weapons.

So, in order to reforge the shattered weapons, you need to first unlock the Ancestral Forge. We have a complete article on how to do it, so follow the link to that article.

Once the Ancestral Forge is set up, you need the merciless version of the weapon you want to repair. The recipe to reforge the weapons varies, but you require Radium Alloy and the merciless version of the weapon in all cases. Gather the resources and you can easily reforge the shattered weapon.

Shatttered weapons when reforged are more powerful than merciless weapons and the skill of the weapon also changes.

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