How to Use Global Chat in V Rising

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V Rising, Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game is notably getting noticed and gaining popularity. It has sold over 500K units in just three days, despite being only an Early Access debut on Steam. There are also other aspects to the game which are its social features, being a multiplayer game. This guide will take you through the process of how to use the Global Chat to talk to other players in V Rising.

How to Talk in Global Chat in V Rising

As V Rising is an online multiplayer game, it provides you with options to play with other players as a team in clans, or pursue solo play. You can also talk to your friends and random players through the platform.

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This can be achieved by accessing the Global Chat and using the proximity Voice Chat feature in-game, which lets you talk to players who are close to you. All they have to do is to be on the same server as you. You can choose your server when you first enter V Rising.

To use the Chat function, you will need to press Return and use the Tab key to cycle through both Local and Global chat. These are the two chat options available to you in the game, where Global chat will include players from all over the world across the entire server, while Local chat is for players who are within a certain distance from you.

Once you have adjusted your settings, you will be able to see messages from other players and have the ability to respond to them as well. As is the norm with all online platforms, make sure to be polite to other users and do not reveal any personal information.

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