How to Unlock and Craft Greatsword in V Rising

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Greatsword is one of the two weapons introduced in the V Riisng Gloomrot update. The other weapon is the Pistols. Like the sword, the Greatsword has some very good skills that can help you in battle. The only caveat with the greatsword is the speed of attack, but it makes up for that with the damage dealt. This weapon is great if you go exploreing the next area – Gloomrot. Here we will show you how to unlock and craft the Greatsword in V Rising Gloomrot update.

How to Unlock the Greatsword in V Rising

To unlock the Greatsword in V Rising Gloomrot update, you need to beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter and drink his V Blood. Like some of the other vampire hunters, Tristen is also quite a handful to beat. But, once, you beat the boss, you will unlock the Greatsword that you can then craft. 

How to Craft Greatsword in V Rising

To craft Greatsword, you need to the Smithy. The crafting process is similar to all the iron weapons you must have made in the game. Similar to the Pistols, you require 16 iron Ingots and 12 Planks to make the Greatsword.

Once you have the greatsword, you can further upgrade the Greatsword by acquiring the merciless recipe for the weapon, which is a random drop and appears as a book that you can use at the Study to unlock the weapon in the Smithy. You can also aquire shattered greatsword to further upgrade the weapon, which is a new feature in this update. 

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