Map Pieces Location and How to Use the Map in Evil Dead, The Game

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While playing in multiplayer game mode, there are a certain set of objectives that you will need to complete to win the level as a Survivor. In this guide, we will see where all the map pieces located are and how to use the in-game map in Evil Dead, the Game.

Map Pieces Location and How to Use the Map in Evil Dead, The Game

If you choose to play as a survivor with your teammates, then you will need to complete a set of objectives within 30 minutes to win the round. Here we will see where to locate all the map pieces and how to use the in-game map in Evil Dead, The Game.

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Your first objective is to find all the map fragments that will lead you to the location of the Kandarian dagger as well as the Necronomicon’s lost pages. You can check your objective list for which area you would have to go to, it will be mentioned there. Next, open your map to find the area that you need to visit to get the map fragment. To open up the large-scale map, you can press the touchpad for the PlayStation, the Back button for Xbox, and the M key for PC. You can also find the map in your inventory menu by browsing through the available options.

Once you have noted down the location, make your way over there. You will need to search the area to find the missing piece. Open your map again to spot an area that is greyed out. This is the spot that you and your squad need to check to find the map piece. You will have to scan the area thoroughly because it can be well hidden. Sometimes you can find them on walls or in rooms. If you are close to them, an exclamation mark will appear on your mini-map. Keep going till you reach the spot, then when you can use the interact button, you will be able to get your map piece.

That’s all there is to know about finding map pieces and using the map in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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