How to Unlock Iron Weapons in V Rising

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Unlocking Iron Weapons in V Rising does not just increase your gear level and the overall build stat but it also unlocks a new weapon ability, which is used with the ‘E’ button on the keyboard. So, no doubt you will want to unlock the Iron weapons in V Rising. The process to unlock Iron weapons is harder than the other weapons you have obtained so far, but it’s not impossible. Keep reading and we will show you how to get Iron weapons in V Rising.

V Rising – How to Unlock Iron Weapons

To unlock Iron Weapons in V Rising, you should start with defeating Quincey the Bandit King. Once he is defeated, you will unlock a bunch of things including the recipe for Iron Ingot, which can be made from Iron Ore in the Furnace. You also unlock the Smithy, which is used to make Iron weapons using Iron Ingot and Plank.

Bandit King

Taking down the Bandit King is no easy task. Hence, try to team up with others or take him down with your clan. Once the production units are unlocked, set them up and go out in search of Iron Ore. Iron Ore can be found in lots of places, but no places guarantees as much iron as the Haunted Iron Mines in Dunley Farmlands. You can farm this location often. It’s a dangerous place too. So, get in, farm the iron and try to stay away from trouble.

Haunted Iron Mines

Once you have the Iron ore, return to your castle and feed the Iron into the Furnace. The process of making Iron Ingot from Iron Ore is very slow, so do something else in the meantime.

Once you have the Iron Ingot, take it to the Smithy and you can make Iron weapons. Here are all the Iron weapons you can make and their resource requirements.

  1. Iron Sword – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  2. Iron Axe – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  3. Iron Mace – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  4. Iron Spear – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  5. Iron Reaper – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  6. Iron Slasher – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
  7. Iron Crossbow – 20 x Iron Ingot and 16 x Plank
Iron Weapons

By unlocking the Smithy in V Rising, you also unlock two new weapon types than the ones you already have. You also get the Iron Reaper and the Iron Slasher. My personal favorite is the Iron Slasher. You also unlock the Iron Crossbow, which can be made at the Woodwork Bench.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more tips on how to play V Rising.  

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