How to Locate Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising

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Bosses are the most interesting creatures in survival games, and they are one of the features that every survival game has in common. If you have played online survival games before, you know that these bosses are the most powerful creatures in the game, and as the game progress, you’ll encounter more powerful bosses. V Rising also has a similar feature, and it also has numerous bosses to encounter throughout the game.

This guide will talk about the location of Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising.

Location Guide of Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising

Errol the Stonebreaker is a Level 20 Blood Boss in V Rising, and he is generally located inside the Bandit Copper Mine in Farbane Woods. Even after knowing the area in V Rising, it is still tricky to find out the boss. To solve this problem, the developers have introduced a Blood Altar that players can use to track the exact location of the Blood Bosses. 

Blood Altar needs the Blood Altar Blueprint, 180 Stones, and 10 Blood Essence to be crafted. Its purpose is to track the Blood Bosses. So, if you find it difficult locating Errol the Stonebreaker, go to the Blood Altar and once it locates Errol, follow the Blood Trail to reach the exact location. 

Fighting with Errol the Stonebreaker needs ranged weapons like Crossbow, and it’ll be easier to take him down if you have your team with you. Be careful of his AOE attacks, as they are deadly. Also, Error is good at melee attacks. He can stun players. Therefore, this fight will be challenging. We recommend not to go alone to face Errol the Stonebreaker.

That’s all you need to know about how to locate Errol the Stonebreaker in V Rising. If you want to find him but can’t locate Errol, check out our guide for relevant information.

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