All Waygate Locations in V Rising

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Fast Travel is one of the most popular features in MMOs. Like almost every other MMO, V Rising has a vast map to explore and without the fast traveling feature it is almost impossible to explore the world entirely. Waygates are a way of quickly moving from one side of the planet to the other in the survival crafter V Rising. While Shapeshifting allows vampires to travel up to 45 percent faster, Waygates completely eliminate travel time through teleportation.

Of course, there are certain limitations. Most, if not all, materials cannot be transported within a Waygate. This implies that farming trips to the copper mine cannot be supplemented with Waygate visits, increasing the risk of farming runs.

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

If you want to save your travel time in V-Rising and want to teleport to another location, the Waygates are the only option you have. Almost every V Rising zone has a Waygate. So the game presently has 12 Waygates. Though it seems plenty in number, while you search for them, they seem hard to locate. Mostly, these Waygates are positioned amid dense foliage, which keeps the sun out at all times. This is a type of safe load for Waygate users, and players that need to load a new biome are virtually always protected from the adverse elements (though not hostile NPCs).

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Finally, in order to access a Waygate, gamers must first locate it. Stepping inside the region will notify players that a new location has been discovered, and the Waygate will be added to that player’s list of active ones.

Following are the Waygates in V Rising:

Dunley Farmlands

Dunley Farmlands, which has a significantly greater human population than Farbane Woods, is often the first encounter players have with human communities. Because of the closer proximity of these Waygates, it is much simpler to unlock all three, even at a lesser level, as long as players can travel rapidly enough.

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

Farbane Woods

For a while, new players will stomp around Farbane Woods, and four Waygates are put at four corners to aid facilitate that mobility. Moving through Farbane, which has the most Waygates of any region, is undoubtedly one of the more appealing parts of this biome.

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

Cursed Forest

If players visit the Cursed Forest, there’s probably not much else for the game to hurl at them. Tap this Waygate on your way in to make future corpse runs much faster.

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is a densely populated human habitat that might be tough to navigate. The region’s single Waygate, unfortunately, does nothing to offset these issues.

Unfortunately, these Waygates are scattered across the region’s fringes, so if you wish to expand towards the region’s center, you’ll need to rely on Cave Passages for rapid access to fast traveling techniques.

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

Gloomrot South

The final two waygates are located in the Gloomrot South region. The Gloomrot regions are located on the north side of the V Rising map. If you are curious to teleport to these regions, you can use the below map to check the locations of the Waygates-

Locations of Waygate in V Rising

That’s all you need to know about the Waygates Locations in V Rising. If you are confused about the locations, check out the maps attached to the guide for the exact location.

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